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4cde196c 02/21/2018 03:44 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

silencing chatty test

83d34a19 02/20/2018 07:00 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7269 implementing RedmineRegistrationMessageService

e0eb7aff 10/24/2017 12:11 AM Andreas Müller


7249680a 09/11/2017 10:52 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting test to updated data at BHL and adding comment about pars problem (ref #6939)

6be2ebe8 09/08/2017 05:19 PM Andreas Müller

revert ignore on Mobot test

8ea340ca 09/08/2017 04:25 PM Andreas Müller

set Mobot test to ignore preliminary

148f60a8 06/26/2017 11:56 PM Andreas Müller

preliminary ignore IPNI Test

1e26b980 06/15/2017 04:49 PM Andreas Müller

remove ignore from IpniServiceTest

3ec391d3 06/14/2017 04:07 PM Andreas Müller

ignore IPNI preliminary

8cc1e287 06/13/2017 11:53 AM Andreas Müller

ignore IPNI preliminary

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