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347a3650 05/31/2011 11:53 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

skipping site-depoy in maven release plugin

5ae60291 05/13/2011 11:36 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #2377: Distribution map color in cyprus portal again broken

d988720e 05/04/2011 01:53 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactored IPNIService so that it uses UriUtils

234ca92e 04/28/2011 02:23 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #2328 (NPE in DerivedUnitBase)

45644e3b 04/08/2011 12:35 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

color for reported in error

7377b3b8 04/08/2011 10:27 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

cleaning includes

63e0e26f 04/07/2011 06:35 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

integration test needed

240579c3 04/07/2011 05:37 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing 3) "Colors for status should appear according to .." of #2273

c4d3154d 03/09/2011 12:30 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

extended testing using the life edit map service

2345b65b 03/08/2011 06:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

code cleaning and fixing problem with unknown wms layers

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