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1a3159d5 06/10/2016 03:15 PM Andreas Müller

Fix bug in TaxonDaoHibernateImpl

46be327b 06/10/2016 02:17 PM Katja Luther


c51ef083 06/10/2016 02:12 PM Katja Luther

add limit and pattern to the uuid and titlecache methods

001595b1 06/10/2016 02:12 PM Katja Luther

add limit and pattern to getTaxonNodeUuidAndTitleCacheOfAcceptedTaxaByClassification

69e00fde 06/03/2016 11:11 PM Andreas Müller

Further develop the CDM preferences #3958

f518b780 06/01/2016 04:15 PM Andreas Müller

Revert class not found exception in referencing objects to pure logging.

005de3ba 06/01/2016 03:05 PM Andreas Müller

Cleanup getReferencingObjects

325d4d8e 06/01/2016 10:59 AM Andreas Müller


71cecb32 05/26/2016 05:49 PM Andreas Müller

Further cleanup and rename new default cache strategy to default cache strategy #5833

9db62d49 05/26/2016 03:58 PM Andreas Müller

Implement single cache strategy for references #5833

  • Implemented new class NewDefaultReferenceCacheStrategy and helper class TitleWithoutYearAndAuthorHelper
  • Moved all functionality of old ReferenceCacheStrategies to new class(es)
  • Moved all old strategies to package .old...

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