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07314c9f 07/07/2009 04:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

user get correctly saved in UserService as of now

d3354527 07/01/2009 12:37 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed bugs in user management.

60e03b35 06/29/2009 09:28 PM Andreas Müller

common service getReferencedCdmBases

47fae6d5 06/25/2009 12:58 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

TaxonTree implementations

0bd03152 06/10/2009 02:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixed abug that made creating the .cdmLibrary folder impossible in ceratin envirnoments. New Plugin is reflecting those changes

a0db5cc6 06/08/2009 04:21 PM Andreas Müller


7babbd83 06/08/2009 03:35 PM Andreas Müller
0dc59e8c 05/27/2009 07:45 PM Niels Hoffmann

wrapped term initializing in a single transaction thus speeding up startup time

fab1ec9e 05/25/2009 05:49 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed some issues with database handling and fixed a bug in LocationService.

04b5509d 05/20/2009 12:09 PM Andreas Müller


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