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0586be94 08/30/2011 01:54 PM Andreas Müller

move back PolytomousKeyGenerator and move test class from service to model

7a840b38 08/30/2011 01:38 PM Andreas Müller

move PolytomousKeyGenerator to tests

fa170575 03/28/2011 04:13 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

renaming IdentificationKeyGenerator to PolytomousKeyGenerator

e66d9d39 01/31/2011 02:12 PM Katja Luther

replace deprecated methods with new ones #2176

73ccec26 12/17/2010 06:17 PM Maxime Venin

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1acba5b0 12/13/2010 11:57 AM Andreas Müller

move IdentificationKeyGenerator to cdmlib-model

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