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3ba4be67 12/04/2017 03:03 PM Katja Luther

adapt all tests to updated test data

8f5a9520 12/04/2017 02:44 PM Katja Luther

fix delete and tests of specimen with typedesignations and gathering events

a9c2b3c3 11/22/2017 01:28 PM Katja Luther

fix delete of derivedUnits, derivationEvent needs to be deleted, add getUUIDAndTitleCache with pattern and limit

9c3b40bb 11/14/2017 12:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

typos and whitespace

793ad48e 11/02/2017 11:52 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup and improved generics for commonservice findXXX methods

b9a743c3 10/18/2017 06:17 PM Andreas Müller


0d0522eb 10/18/2017 02:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

intoducing CdmAuthorityParsingException to avoid invalid use of non api

bd424526 10/10/2017 12:01 PM Katja Luther

smaller changes in ForSubtreeConfigurator

f1bc298d 09/14/2017 08:39 PM Katja Luther

add monitoredService method for setsecundum

4691e160 09/13/2017 11:56 PM Andreas Müller

fix #3740 implement setPublish for subtrees

567de3cd 08/07/2017 12:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Revert "ref #6886 test to repoduce issue with users having only CREATE permission"

This reverts commit 3795d1bf926c9b126317a85d880235301a0a4b16.

3795d1bf 08/04/2017 01:15 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6886 test to repoduce issue with users having only CREATE permission

af113c74 07/25/2017 12:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6855 ICdmPermissionEvaluator method which tests by CdmBase type and does not require an instance

c48fa5fb 07/24/2017 11:25 PM Andreas Müller


3220538f 06/26/2017 11:55 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup tests in io and service

86003ec5 06/23/2017 11:09 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6750 implementing DerivedUnitConverter with test

359f5fe8 06/15/2017 04:47 PM Andreas Müller


cd5c1b5d 06/14/2017 03:47 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6725 fix set(null) for kindOfUnit, Sex and LifeStage in DU facade

d30f87c5 06/14/2017 01:21 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6725 correct handling and test for kindOfUnit handling in facade

8adb7643 06/13/2017 11:51 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6722 implement life-form in derived unit facade

a20d434a 06/05/2017 06:54 PM Andreas Müller

update remote-webapp test H2 DB and some minor changes

6b381b7d 06/05/2017 11:01 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6368 remove some further occurrences of ITaxonNameBase

5734eafe 06/05/2017 10:33 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6409 remove Ignores from ValidationTest, seems to be fixed by removing subclasses

ba35e2f8 06/04/2017 10:15 PM Andreas Müller

ref #4580 Add SchemaUpdateResult for schema updating

491cef21 06/03/2017 07:45 PM Andreas Müller

ref 6368 fix compilation error in TaxonServiceImplTest

db183545 06/03/2017 07:18 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6630 and ref #6368 remove generics from TaxonName

9dc896c9 06/03/2017 07:18 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6368 rename table and class TaxonNameBase

e6d7b501 06/03/2017 07:17 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6368 remove TaxonNameBase subclasses

cb666204 06/03/2017 07:16 PM Andreas Müller

Merge branch 'develop' into feature/cdm-4.7


0c3b20de 06/01/2017 10:51 AM Katja Luther

adapt tests to return type updateResult and missing exception for update-services methods

6826dbcd 06/01/2017 09:30 AM Katja Luther

change return type of changeSynonymToAcceptedTaxon to updateResult

93da9908 05/31/2017 04:40 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6138 handle ClearDB_with_Terms_DataSet.xml correctly

fa74401f 05/30/2017 01:49 PM Patrick Plitzner

Add propertyPath to service method

e676c6b0 05/29/2017 03:03 PM Katja Luther

fix #6138: add dataset to test to fix the test

7c119bdf 05/05/2017 08:50 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6367 make nomenclaturalCode an attribute of TaxonNameBase

70368530 05/04/2017 11:24 PM Andreas Müller

Merge branch 'develop' into feature/cdm-4.7


4179f687 05/03/2017 11:58 AM Andreas Müller


32da7249 04/07/2017 04:20 PM Andreas Müller


d4547dee 04/07/2017 12:41 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #5752 wrap specific exception to avoid dependency on lucene library

e391c51f 04/06/2017 02:37 PM Andreas Müller


52ea8a19 04/06/2017 02:24 PM Andreas Müller

minor and cleanup

29d21df0 04/06/2017 01:26 PM Andreas Müller

adapt GrantedAuthorityImpl factory method

22d2dd81 03/15/2017 10:52 AM Katja Luther

use remotingProgressMonitor for setSecundumReferenceForSubtree

375d001e 03/10/2017 12:54 PM Andreas Müller

ref #4232 implement comparator contract for DistributionNodeByAreaLabelComparator

2023e9a6 03/09/2017 04:09 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6484 Fix test for specimen count retrieval

  • temporary fix until ticket is solved
132a52cc 02/26/2017 12:18 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6381 Also use barcode or catalogue number for titlecache if accession number not exists

41356809 02/15/2017 09:55 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6419 renaming ICdmApplicationDefaultConfiguration to ICdmRepository

1dd3792c 02/03/2017 01:44 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6409 preliminary set Level3 test to @Ignore to avoid infinite loop

d7919b1c 02/03/2017 01:44 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6362, ref #6365 remove occurrence of NonViralName, BotanicalName, ZoologicalName and others

5805c395 02/03/2017 11:15 AM Andreas Müller

#6401 update generics for java1.8 upgrade

2a25d458 02/01/2017 03:19 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6401 Fix problems with generics due to jdk1.8

5d206c8e 01/30/2017 01:12 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6365 use TaxonNameFactory for static parser methods

fe34a9eb 01/30/2017 11:07 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6365 use TaxonNameFactory for botanical names

033fa0b2 01/30/2017 10:56 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6365 use TaxonNameFactory for zoological names

df5738fe 01/30/2017 10:52 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6360 use TaxonNameFactory for NonViralNames

396a8759 01/30/2017 12:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6362 remove some further NVN occurrences

da39aca0 01/30/2017 12:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6365 merge static methods from BotanicaName to TaxonNameBase

5b88f807 01/30/2017 12:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6360 replace NonViralName factory methods

8eea91a5 01/30/2017 12:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6365 Move all ZoologicalName attributes up to TaxonNameBase

1d4ed7b6 01/23/2017 03:24 PM Katja Luther

code cleaning

c616b466 01/23/2017 01:53 PM Katja Luther

revert last minor change in misapplied name search

bf021c7c 01/23/2017 01:35 PM Katja Luther


4e6f5b53 01/23/2017 12:26 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6296 confirming that modified expectations are correct, removing FIXMEs

177a283a 01/23/2017 12:06 PM Katja Luther

fix #6296: fix the parameter settings in search queries

cc95089b 01/23/2017 09:21 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6296 more tests for findByTaxaAndName

1b6c7edf 01/23/2017 09:21 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing createTestData - applying manual additions from xml dataset

6eac8d14 01/23/2017 09:21 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

splitting TaxonService search tests for freetext and standard search - all enabled test cases are successful by now

083968cb 01/23/2017 09:21 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

minor refactoring of TaxonServiceSearchTest

088873e9 01/20/2017 01:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6354 additinonal test for non phrase queries

d93004c1 01/20/2017 01:40 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6354 non phrase search with wildcard using the standart QueryParser

5c69d02f 01/13/2017 10:25 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #4223 using the ComplexPhraseQuery for phrase searches with wildcards

06bf3273 01/09/2017 11:11 PM Andreas Müller

fix #3465 Progressmonitor API and better UpdateResult handling for setSecundumForSubtree

88a2e4be 01/09/2017 03:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

un-commenting test part

8311a989 01/09/2017 03:11 PM Katja Luther

fix #6296: include the common name search into the search query of taxa and synonyms

d97ab2bf 01/07/2017 12:03 AM Andreas Müller

fix #3465 implement setSecundumForSubtree

d45008d0 12/20/2016 11:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6190 removing svn property place holder in first line of code

077e258b 12/05/2016 08:11 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6135 allow nameCache for merked taxa search

e3fc5af3 12/02/2016 04:31 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6134 add group taxa by marker and refactor treeindex handling

be11c810 11/25/2016 03:42 PM Andreas Müller


17b0c5e7 11/25/2016 01:05 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6211 reduce initialization for synonymy

eaf29c2e 11/15/2016 08:43 AM Andreas Müller


f3fc1024 11/10/2016 01:09 PM Andreas Müller

Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop


e25fecb9 11/10/2016 12:48 PM Andreas Müller


ae5a0d99 11/08/2016 02:23 PM Andreas Müller

Minor changes to classification clone method

7d8eced5 11/06/2016 01:00 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #4866 Test for first implementation for clone classification

4b6abd7e 11/04/2016 02:08 PM Andreas Müller

Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop


645658b9 11/03/2016 02:04 PM Katja Luther

fix #6174: isDeletable needs to be called with UUID and the objects is
loaded on server side

100e37d9 10/26/2016 11:09 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #2380 Implement service for getting parent of

  • parent of either ITaxonTree or UuidAndTitleCache can be retrieved
  • added JUnit test and test file
321a37d1 10/25/2016 04:52 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #2380 Implement service for getting children of

  • direct children of either ITaxonTree or UuidAndTitleCache can be retrieved
  • added JUnit test
6de6d849 10/21/2016 04:45 PM Andreas Müller

Improve taxon delete test

42ae65a2 10/21/2016 02:47 PM Andreas Müller

Cleanup merge model 4.1/develop

4dea3eee 10/20/2016 04:04 PM Andreas Müller

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop


3a1af46b 10/20/2016 12:11 PM Katja Luther

set test to ignore, create ticket to fix this.

7ae6b88e 10/20/2016 11:44 AM Katja Luther


c872e418 10/18/2016 07:51 PM Andreas Müller

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cdm-4.1' into develop

904c8661 10/18/2016 07:50 PM Andreas Müller


c3c1740f 10/18/2016 05:17 PM Andreas Müller


d7fa3e13 10/18/2016 04:53 PM Andreas Müller

fix #5974 fix moving synonym type to TaxonBase and SynonymRelationType label

33b908b7 10/18/2016 02:16 PM Andreas Müller


3f43c155 10/18/2016 02:14 PM Andreas Müller