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6b50c6c5 02/21/2011 10:34 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix for failing test in PolytomousKeyDaoHibernateImplTest (added protectedTitleCache value)

26b622f7 02/08/2011 11:32 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for descriptionBase.clone #2234

d74d75bb 12/07/2010 06:25 PM Niels Hoffmann

added a test case for polytomous keys

009f85cc 12/06/2010 06:12 PM Andreas Müller

added PolytomousKey_TaxonBase to persistence .dll

1d36aa54 12/01/2010 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

merge 3.0.2 to trunk

adaa0c47 09/22/2010 04:32 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

better logging and reporting

e50a2436 09/21/2010 02:25 PM Andreas Müller

added barcode to derived unit #1689

8799d546 09/21/2010 12:26 AM Andreas Müller

added unplaced and excluded attribute to Taxon

8be60bc5 09/20/2010 07:34 PM Andreas Müller

add country to gathering event

55055695 09/02/2010 12:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

re-integrating branches/cdmlib/oai-pmh up to revision 10059

892efc69 06/16/2010 05:30 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

merging /branches/cdmlib/SPRINT-Chichorieae1/ to trunk

c1f63ad5 03/30/2010 10:51 AM Eun-Mok Lee

Merging cdmlib-persistence to trunk; pesi. Merge rev 8083-8429.

9cc4226b 03/22/2010 10:46 AM Katja Luther

merging PESI brach into trunk

a784f00f 03/10/2010 12:00 PM Katja Luther

merge cate-development2 branch with trunk

1d8f2bcb 01/13/2010 11:46 AM Katja Luther
b38b226c 01/13/2010 11:46 AM Katja Luther
c4de3e87 12/22/2009 08:16 PM Ben Clark

Added public T replace(T x, T y) to ICdmEntityDao, implementation and tests

07a2162c 12/21/2009 04:08 PM Ben Clark

Added an IIdentificationKeyDao to query across all identification key types

8e08a597 12/21/2009 02:42 PM Ben Clark

Added merge(T t, LockMode lockmode) and refresh(T t, LockMode lockmode) to allow developers to bypass the session & second-level cache (useful in some instances)

4532d825 12/18/2009 11:33 AM Ben Clark

Refactored free text search to re-use the same code for all identifiable entities. Switched to StandardAnalyzer to include indexing of numbers. Removed redundant code from taxonDao.delete() method (as included entities deleted using hibernate's cascade method)

3615227d 11/26/2009 11:43 AM Ben Clark

Refactored methods in VersionableDaoBase etc + added Query-By-Example for CdmEntityDaoBase

d0b3bdf9 11/20/2009 10:56 AM Katja Luther

now updated is set and all tests are ok.

5105dcc4 11/16/2009 05:12 PM Katja Luther

revert the model changes...

bad68263 11/16/2009 04:57 PM Katja Luther

rightsterm -> rightstype ticket #1306

ea27f312 11/13/2009 09:54 AM Katja Luther

test for getTaxaByCommonName added

30248be7 11/09/2009 05:17 PM Katja Luther
3e37ea16 11/06/2009 04:06 PM Ben Clark

Added methods and tests to recover changes to data

73e67b40 11/02/2009 01:29 PM Ben Clark

Refactored OrderHint and added RandomOrder, plus a couple of small bug fixes in VersionableDaoBase

42cd8441 10/09/2009 01:19 PM Katja Luther
9af0ba1b 10/07/2009 02:07 PM Ben Clark

Merged in changes from cate-development branch and upgraded to spring 3.0.0.RC1

93934348 10/06/2009 08:50 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix in team title cache generator and berlin model export

95f96ea2 09/29/2009 05:17 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for cacheStrategyGeneratorTest

b5fc49f9 09/29/2009 04:16 PM Andreas Müller

changes to datasource and tests for persist agents

d4d392dd 09/28/2009 09:45 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for title cache(2)

0a18cae2 09/21/2009 11:49 PM Andreas Müller

bugfixing for modelchanges and adaptation of import routines

7261ac51 09/21/2009 06:25 PM Andreas Müller


6b4e491d 09/21/2009 04:55 PM Andreas Müller

Further model changes for DescriptionElementBase and DescriptionElementSource

fd6c56e6 09/21/2009 03:20 PM Andreas Müller

changes for renaming referencebase table name in persistence, service & io

57606ee3 09/21/2009 02:21 AM Andreas Müller

Intensive model change for referenceBase and subclass, smaller model changes for taxonBase and marker

260c68d4 09/07/2009 06:24 PM Andreas Müller

fix tests in persistence after model change

ef2533ed 08/31/2009 04:28 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

#445: Added missing term vocabularies

127b1034 08/31/2009 02:00 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

#445: Added missing term vocabularies
#921: Added setDefaultTerms methods
Added inferred and potential combination synonym relationship types for Fauna Europaea

dd29fbb1 08/26/2009 11:54 PM Ben Clark

Implemented Grouping Criteria method for ICdmEntityDao, including group by count and group by year / month / day for dateTime fields

4d45591a 08/18/2009 04:48 PM Andreas Müller

last bugfixes for tests in persistence

a62a5fc4 08/18/2009 04:13 PM Andreas Müller

further test bugfixes

817b71d0 08/18/2009 04:04 PM Andreas Müller

further bugfixes on cdm.ddl test dbscript

8fa51aa0 08/18/2009 03:50 PM Andreas Müller

bugfixes on cdm.ddl test dbscript

59651c4a 08/18/2009 03:50 PM Andreas Müller

bugfixes on dataset.dtd

3b3020f9 08/18/2009 11:04 AM Andreas Müller

further ddl bugfixes

864af7b7 08/17/2009 11:08 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix in cdm.dll in persistence

20d6f92f 08/17/2009 08:27 PM Andreas Müller

bug fixing in Test DataSet etc.

621bf047 08/17/2009 08:07 PM Helene Fradin

Addition of tables corresponding to new objects WorkingSet, MultiAccessKey, PolytomousKey, renaming of IdentificationKey to MediaKey and addition of new attributes to FeatureNode

dd60c522 08/17/2009 05:44 PM Helene Fradin

Addition of new FeatureNode attributes

c808fb40 08/17/2009 04:52 PM Andreas Müller

protected title cache = false for test files in persistence

da70c8fd 08/17/2009 04:03 PM Andreas Müller

changes to test dll in persistence

0f7d0d42 08/17/2009 02:31 PM Helene Fradin

Impact of new model changes: new classes and renaming

639e3a47 08/06/2009 11:55 AM Andreas Müller

Merge for cdmlib-persistence and bugfix in TaxonDaoHibernateImplTest

3647eb80 08/05/2009 04:37 PM Andreas Müller

ReferenceSystem in persistence

5bd28871 07/29/2009 01:34 AM Andreas Müller

refactoring of ICdmGenericDao.getReferencingCdmBases()

78a677d5 07/09/2009 06:24 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

dataportal release v2.0

681b753e 07/07/2009 04:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

new dao methods and cleaning up ITaxonDao

0dd618ff 07/05/2009 10:45 PM Ben Clark

Expanded on getByRepresentationText in IDefinedTermDao

ebbfb66d 06/30/2009 09:56 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

test data

3c9323fe 06/27/2009 03:56 PM Andreas Müller

bibtex.title -> bibtextitle (dll)

f4cfc931 06/23/2009 12:50 PM Niels Hoffmann

Added methods concerning taxonomic tree to taxon service.

55031822 06/19/2009 01:40 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed testDelete

f006b7e3 06/18/2009 04:36 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minimum base web services for CDM Portal v2.0

a7c68045 06/17/2009 02:03 PM Andreas Müller

TaxonomicTree implementation (persistence)

3f64e2f6 06/17/2009 10:42 AM Ben Clark

Made the images in DescriptionElementBase ordered (java.util.List) and changed Media.mediaCreated to a joda DateTime

e2c6bdaf 06/16/2009 11:04 AM Andreas Müller

placepublished -> cdm.dll

d50896ed 06/09/2009 12:24 PM Andreas Müller

TimePeriod with freetext in -persistence tests

6c4b4042 06/09/2009 11:58 AM Ben Clark

updated test data such that it should pass on different machines

58b2797e 06/08/2009 06:37 PM Andreas Müller

Nullpointer exception in TermInitializer and adapted termsDataSet-with_auditing_info.xml

47a88d09 06/05/2009 06:13 PM Ben Clark

Removed code which introduced horrible performance problems and phantom commits.

8eb80526 06/04/2009 01:32 PM Ben Clark

Corrected and added to tests

70354e64 06/03/2009 11:34 PM Ben Clark

Updated tests to reflect the new unique uuid constraint, corrected the CacheStrategyGenerator listener to correctly add updatedBy / createdBy metadata on saveOrUpdate events, corrected a couple of DAO methods, and added merge(T t) to ICdmEntityDao to allow the persisting of detached objects

1ed5771f 05/25/2009 04:18 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed name/specimen type designation status mapping

80a39d15 05/19/2009 04:21 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Activated loading of NameTypeDesignationStatus terms. Fixed unit test.

6d9050bd 05/15/2009 06:25 PM Ben Clark

Refactored ISearchableDao to make it more generic, then added it and implementations to daos for Agents, References and Media

bba6a844 05/11/2009 05:12 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Updated TaxonDaoHibernateImplTest.testDelete()

d5f87d01 05/11/2009 03:18 PM Andreas Müller
66df9f0b 05/11/2009 12:06 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

#724: Update taxonomic children count and taxonomic parent cache when deleting a taxon.

b3b6e319 05/07/2009 01:38 PM Ben Clark

Lots of changes, including,
adding List orderHints, List propertyPaths to dao methods
New MarkerDao & impl
Expanded test coverage of beanintialization and cache strategy generator configuration

37277bb7 04/29/2009 10:52 AM Niels Hoffmann

Adjusted tests because of adding imageGallery flag to DescriptionBase

b8e3646e 04/20/2009 05:22 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

TypeDesignationStatus renamed to SpecimenTypeDesignationStatus

4acd9345 03/31/2009 01:38 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix teamMembers as lists (persistence)

25c8100d 03/25/2009 10:08 PM Andreas Müller
e133b83b 03/24/2009 07:10 PM Andreas Müller

model change for references (publishers) and taxon status

cc355ab4 03/19/2009 12:57 PM Andreas Müller

make cache generator work

e2adadea 03/12/2009 06:00 PM Ben Clark

Minor problems discovered whilst refactoring CATE:
Corrections to User / Group / Authority impl
Changes due to upgrade of hibernate-search

51042285 03/12/2009 06:00 PM Ben Clark

Minor problems discovered whilst refactoring CATE:
Corrections to User / Group / Authority impl
Changes due to upgrade of hibernate-search

e04c5ae6 03/12/2009 05:59 PM Ben Clark

Minor problems discovered whilst refactoring CATE:
Corrections to User / Group / Authority impl
Changes due to upgrade of hibernate-search

465124be 03/10/2009 11:03 AM Andreas Müller

delete dataset.xsd and PUBLIC.xsd in persistence layer

f3d694cb 03/05/2009 12:38 PM Ben Clark

Changes related to refactoring of Auditing info, including auto-population of createdBy and updatedBy fields from the SecurityContext (#630)

597358de 02/25/2009 01:49 PM Ben Clark

Committing large number of changes relating to versioning implementation (#108)

ba031820 02/16/2009 10:50 AM Anahit Babadshanjan

Plugin - with debug messages to investigate term initializing problems

51116396 02/12/2009 03:48 PM Andreas Müller

cdmlib-persistence -> new appContext configuration and fixes in tests

47c93eed 02/11/2009 03:23 PM Anahit Babadshanjan
8a9e254d 02/11/2009 03:17 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Filtered table DB_VERSION from comparison

3422fc57 02/10/2009 11:38 AM Andreas Müller

Test DDL changed for media_title