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06abbea1 06/25/2015 09:36 AM Cherian Mathew

Fix classloading priority of patched hibernate class

b4027377 06/25/2015 01:10 AM Andreas Müller

Improve E+M post import methods #3979

e6e385c2 06/25/2015 01:08 AM Andreas Müller

Improve distribution transmission engine for E+M import #3979

236ab161 06/23/2015 05:56 PM Andreas Müller

Rename remaining occurrences of xxxAuthorTeam #4968

Rename remaining occurrences of combinationAuthorTeam and
basionymAuthorTeam in code and other files

ce7c7aa3 06/23/2015 05:56 PM Andreas Müller

Rename NonViralName.xxxAuthorTeam to xxxAuthorship #4968

10672e78 06/23/2015 04:53 PM Andreas Müller

Fix ignored test in TaxonDaoHibernateImplTest #2815

b03505f7 06/18/2015 11:48 AM Andreas Müller

fix listRankSpecificRootNodes behavior for ranks in between and some
additional tests

c92c5c63 06/17/2015 06:29 PM Andreas Müller

add some tests for rankSpecificRootNodes, related to #2778

f989e265 06/17/2015 04:55 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

avoiding LEFT OUTER JOIN by splitting query in two

c2235141 06/15/2015 02:57 PM Cherian Mathew

pushing delete to end of method to fix problem with merge

73ec4722 06/12/2015 12:50 PM Cherian Mathew

Merge branch 'master' of into remoting-4.0


f5a93446 06/11/2015 02:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing bug in last commit regarding #4974 (AdvancedBeanInitializer causes error with eu.etaxonomy.cdm.model.description.KeyStatement)

256d7534 06/11/2015 01:16 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #4974 (AdvancedBeanInitializer causes error with eu.etaxonomy.cdm.model.description.KeyStatement)

56e63c4b 06/09/2015 12:52 PM Andreas Müller


8e4c4d7c 06/09/2015 12:51 PM Andreas Müller

add override

7fa91bbc 06/09/2015 12:19 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

disabling sql tracing in logs

0357b240 06/09/2015 12:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #4965 unsupported method getDatabase() in WrappedCdmDataSource breaks forceSchemaUpdate

1f478638 06/08/2015 01:08 PM Cherian Mathew

Merge branch 'master' of into remoting-4.0


e7ad3f52 06/05/2015 02:35 PM Andreas Müller


73e6db00 06/04/2015 04:30 PM Andreas Müller


dbdcbbba 06/04/2015 04:26 PM Andreas Müller

hotfix for MN_Table_Remover

2222043f 06/04/2015 04:25 PM Andreas Müller

improve handling of substeps in update scripts (immediately stop updating if one step fails)

5515800d 06/04/2015 04:24 PM Andreas Müller

hotfix for SchemaUpdater_35_36

ccebc97c 06/04/2015 12:45 PM Andreas Müller

change order of update steps

0aa17553 06/03/2015 07:44 PM Andreas Müller

fix caseType bug for IndexDropper #4843

840abdb1 06/03/2015 01:00 PM Andreas Müller

rename authorTeam -> authorship #4332 for name authors

da2aed69 06/03/2015 12:30 AM Andreas Müller

Fix UniqueIndexDropper for PostGreSQL #4843

bb7cf1c5 06/02/2015 02:43 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk into 3.6 branch

7a3e3d56 06/02/2015 02:32 PM Andreas Müller


9fa59539 06/02/2015 02:25 PM Andreas Müller


815a9caa 06/02/2015 02:24 PM Andreas Müller

Move FullCoverageDataGenerator from test to real, to avoid dependency problems.

03c5ea3e 06/01/2015 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

remove dependeny to test (FullDataCoverage...)

faf857ce 06/01/2015 04:54 PM Andreas Müller

adapt FullCoverageData method

3c4607e9 05/29/2015 05:59 PM Andreas Müller

fix test and add factory method #3583

63228380 05/29/2015 05:13 PM Andreas Müller

more getters/adders, update script, vocabulary and test vocabulary for TaxonNodeAgentRelation #3583

2b296096 05/29/2015 02:50 PM Andreas Müller

first implementation of TaxonNodeAgentRelation #3583

0d4ac2d3 05/29/2015 12:45 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk to model 36

b30997b8 05/29/2015 12:43 PM Andreas Müller


7b121d03 05/29/2015 11:23 AM Andreas Müller

merging trunk into 3.6 branche

d26d6619 05/26/2015 01:40 PM Andreas Müller

moving UuidAndTitleCache from model to persistence. #4799

b97885b2 05/24/2015 10:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


87f6f730 05/22/2015 09:38 PM Andreas Müller

Simplify table structure for CategoricalData-StateData and and QuantitativeData_StatisticalMeasurementValue #4841 - fixing update script for MySQL

c20d5dff 05/22/2015 06:11 PM Andreas Müller

Simplify table structure for CategoricalData-StateData and and QuantitativeData_StatisticalMeasurementValue #4841

62f7f3cb 05/22/2015 02:24 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk into model change 3.6

b76356eb 05/22/2015 01:50 PM Andreas Müller

update schemaUpdater35_36

4944449a 05/22/2015 01:49 PM Andreas Müller

add MnTableRemover

a5f70cef 05/22/2015 01:49 PM Andreas Müller


d2b68476 05/22/2015 01:49 PM Andreas Müller


8ee01de1 05/21/2015 05:00 PM Cherian Mathew

Merge branch 'master' of into remoting-4.0


7d7355ba 05/21/2015 04:36 PM Andreas Müller

integrate parameters into constructor for updaters

ccb3c146 05/20/2015 05:39 PM Andreas Müller

added id to uuidAndTitleCache #4799 (bugfix)

a15c158c 05/20/2015 05:23 PM Andreas Müller

added id to uuidAndTitleCache

2e592aaa 05/20/2015 04:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing problem with missing autinitialization of titleCaches, contributes to #4919

c9b5f651 05/20/2015 01:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

sloving NPE in AdvancedBeanInitializer

824e1221 05/20/2015 11:27 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing bug related to generic types

72b0ad09 05/19/2015 04:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

further performance improvements: - better autoinitialization of collection items, - fixing bug in AdvancedBeanInitializer: adding missing LEFT to JOIN FETCH

df751fbd 05/13/2015 11:16 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing further bean field property mapping probelm, contributes to #3841: resolve bean inconsistencies

6ace3b29 05/12/2015 05:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #4179 (improve performance of portal/taxon/{uuid}/media)

648bb157 05/12/2015 11:58 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #4903 (SQLGrammarException exception in description/namedAreasInUse)

efb18337 05/12/2015 10:44 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • added significantIdentifer as search parameter to occurrenceService.findByTitle()
0fa9e660 05/11/2015 12:16 PM Katja Luther

delete the embedded class UuidAndTitleCacheOfAcceptedTaxon

77b3215e 05/06/2015 05:46 PM Andreas Müller

add update script and JAXB annotation for sequence positions #4743

ef4f2e8e 05/05/2015 05:52 PM Andreas Müller

update script for removing unique key on supportedCategoricalEnums and recommendedModifierEnums #4843

d4361fc7 05/05/2015 02:50 PM Andreas Müller

implement datasource type inference for external datasources: #3910

ce72b8c3 04/24/2015 10:37 AM Andreas Müller

Remove left join from listNamedAreasInUse #4820

5419a179 04/18/2015 07:59 AM Andreas Müller

fix term loading bug for originally empty vocabularies #4248

38166324 04/16/2015 01:53 PM Katja Luther

adding first implementation for getting a csv file with all name informations

42dd5b04 04/15/2015 05:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing sql tracing from DescriptionDaoImpl

421e834b 04/15/2015 04:06 PM Andreas Müller

fix Index out of range Exception, #3910

bfc52c5f 04/14/2015 03:17 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • added findOccurrences() and countOccurrences() to service layer
    • added configurator for these methods
    • optimized retrieval with HQL query
    • made use of service method in DerivateSearchView
ed5ff93c 04/14/2015 02:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

order area terms DTOs by idInVocabulary

57d693ae 04/14/2015 01:23 PM Katja Luther
51d34ec8 04/14/2015 01:02 PM Andreas Müller

add update script for hasMoreMembers #4791

4ccd7bc8 04/14/2015 12:58 PM Andreas Müller

merge trunk into 36 branch

0035631b 04/14/2015 09:48 AM Katja Luther
3a3ded31 04/13/2015 07:07 PM Andreas Müller

Create updater for cdm36 and update schema/term version

4094c5e2 04/01/2015 03:08 AM Andreas Müller

allow different type merging not only for reallocation of links

6c84a3ee 04/01/2015 01:59 AM Andreas Müller

Make deduplication of TeamOrPersonBase possible in cdmlib #4768 and solve test problem in CdmGenericDaoImplTest #2096, finding some bugs in between

f3e8262d 03/27/2015 10:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

correct handling of terms with multiple representations

b9b58fbb 03/27/2015 06:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

implementing better namedAreasInUse service for #3994 (Select widget to choose the filter areas for the advanced search)

a68b50d7 03/27/2015 05:24 PM Andreas Müller


3aad2f18 03/27/2015 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

first implementation of WrappedCdmDataSource #3910

5600a9cf 03/27/2015 01:54 PM Andreas Müller

minor cleanup

7607fee1 03/25/2015 06:37 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for 34_341 Updater

1be86351 03/24/2015 11:57 AM Andreas Müller

merge validation commits r23146, r23162, r23163 into trunk

bea051c9 03/23/2015 01:15 PM Andreas Müller

fix bug in update script

70ab1592 03/20/2015 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

add listener for taxon name in determination event and run update script again

f35bb00a 03/20/2015 02:26 PM Andreas Müller

add collectorTitle and protectedCollectorTitleCache to Team(orPersonBase) #4311

e22e9d11 03/20/2015 01:55 PM Andreas Müller

update named area idInVocabularies if necessary #4140

ef081a36 03/20/2015 01:12 PM Andreas Müller

make identifier annotatable #4673

aca37b0a 03/20/2015 11:34 AM Andreas Müller


134305da 03/20/2015 11:32 AM Andreas Müller

update script for orphaned taxon node removal #2341

782d9cc1 03/19/2015 02:29 PM Andreas Müller

merge validation2 and model 3.5 into trunk

418a2bdc 03/17/2015 11:35 AM Katja Luther

fix search for common names in editor and minor

25c90163 03/10/2015 10:53 AM Katja Luther
f973242a 03/10/2015 10:06 AM Katja Luther

for infrageneric unranked rank adding unranked
fixing bug with deletion of names and homotypicalGroups

771a2b9e 03/04/2015 02:00 PM Patrick Plitzner
  • fixed java doc
aefcbf9a 03/04/2015 01:14 PM Cherian Mathew

added class to override Hibernate EntityType class to fix problem with merge replace

933e5ac3 02/23/2015 10:07 AM Cherian Mathew

ICdmCacher, ICdmUuidCacher, CdmCacher, CdmTermCacher : refactored and added load method
Language, NameRelationshipType, Rank : now uses cacher only if termap is null or empty and only when class matches the specific term type
MockCdmCacher: not required anymore...

de5c2087 02/05/2015 11:11 AM Cherian Mathew

ITaxonNodeService, TaxonNodeServiceImpl : added methods using uuids
CdmDataChangeEvent : added new instance method for cdm entity session
CdmPostDataChangeObservableListener : added cdm entity session commit