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07bce122 07/07/2009 04:40 PM Andreas Müller

move taxon cache strategy to cache package

4f3ca955 07/07/2009 03:59 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix in taxonomic tree and some comments

d3354527 07/01/2009 12:37 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed bugs in user management.

322c5cec 06/30/2009 05:47 PM Andreas Müller


72f6d412 06/30/2009 02:41 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

partOf now using the field directly

29f85e7d 06/29/2009 09:29 PM Andreas Müller

secimen - description relationship fixed (2)

f04e17b9 06/29/2009 09:29 PM Andreas Müller

secimen - description relationship fixed

fe314000 06/27/2009 03:56 PM Andreas Müller

bibtex.title -> bibtextitle

687f5699 06/25/2009 07:24 PM Niels Hoffmann

Corrected the implementation of removeRootNode in TaxonomicTree

0f991d92 06/25/2009 04:19 PM Andreas Müller


f480cc13 06/25/2009 12:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minor fixes and new method for taxonomic tree

09fa27d7 06/25/2009 04:51 AM Andreas Müller
2f62465f 06/25/2009 02:09 AM Andreas Müller


39d6fa12 06/25/2009 01:40 AM Andreas Müller

Test for TaxonNameBase and HomotypicalGroup

30424f60 06/25/2009 01:38 AM Andreas Müller
f4cfc931 06/23/2009 12:50 PM Niels Hoffmann

Added methods concerning taxonomic tree to taxon service.

0d240285 06/19/2009 04:39 PM Andreas Müller

Homotypical Group improvement

89fd9fcc 06/19/2009 11:57 AM Anahit Babadshanjan

New constructors/methods for !NameTypeDesignation

b30dfca2 06/18/2009 04:51 PM Andreas Müller

new functionality for homotypical group

7649f92c 06/18/2009 04:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

minimum base web services for CDM Portal v2.0

b0dba4f3 06/17/2009 02:02 PM Andreas Müller

TaxonomicTree implementation (model)

2beb45d7 06/17/2009 10:41 AM Ben Clark

Made the images in DescriptionElementBase ordered (java.util.List) and changed Media.mediaCreated to a joda DateTime

57b067dc 06/16/2009 07:08 PM Andreas Müller


5644153a 06/16/2009 07:08 PM Andreas Müller

Extension.value -> LOB,

7f03d83d 06/16/2009 01:34 PM Andreas Müller


17a9d940 06/16/2009 11:38 AM Andreas Müller
a84802a2 06/16/2009 11:36 AM Andreas Müller

minor changes for Marker and MarkerType

0951c014 06/16/2009 11:33 AM Andreas Müller


a051b7e5 06/16/2009 11:33 AM Andreas Müller


136a3660 06/16/2009 11:33 AM Andreas Müller

new Extension types

239f6e5d 06/16/2009 11:28 AM Andreas Müller

minor changes in TimePeriod and TimePeriodTest

f94755c0 06/16/2009 10:44 AM Andreas Müller


72d63cd2 06/10/2009 05:33 PM Andreas Müller

NomStatus with citation

3a1e7ae7 06/10/2009 05:11 PM Andreas Müller

NPE in HomotypicalGroup.getSynonymsInGroup()

0bd03152 06/10/2009 02:39 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixed abug that made creating the .cdmLibrary folder impossible in ceratin envirnoments. New Plugin is reflecting those changes

3d45d8f4 06/09/2009 04:31 PM Andreas Müller

lob in strictReferenceBase

7baa0c0d 06/09/2009 01:44 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for Annotaitons and Extensions

e05039ce 06/09/2009 01:30 PM Andreas Müller

Extension bidirectional

7b6e0c51 06/09/2009 12:24 PM Andreas Müller

TimePeriod with freetext in -model

69988f27 06/08/2009 04:04 PM Andreas Müller

Duplicate uuid in SpecimenTypeDesignationStatus

9eb6683c 06/08/2009 03:07 PM Andreas Müller

minor change for name caches

a065745f 06/08/2009 01:21 PM Andreas Müller

ExtensionType implemented

2fe6604d 06/06/2009 02:31 PM Andreas Müller


81299e61 06/05/2009 06:11 PM Ben Clark

Made TimePeriod non-null to allow for MVC binding

b71df88a 06/05/2009 12:34 PM Andreas Müller


1ea1c087 06/03/2009 11:31 PM Ben Clark

Added Cascade.MERGE for some, not all relationships where Cascade.SAVE_UPDATE exists, also added @NaturalId on uuid field to (a) index this column, speeding it up and (b) ensure uniqueness within a table of a given uuid (following the same semantics as equals())

c97ad330 06/03/2009 11:29 PM Ben Clark

corrected small error (should be dayOfMonth, not dayOfYear) in PartialUserType

f3ba008a 06/03/2009 01:26 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixes #499

21c174ab 05/28/2009 05:34 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixed #751

c330f205 05/28/2009 02:37 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Merged search changes from 2.0

0dc59e8c 05/27/2009 07:45 PM Niels Hoffmann

wrapped term initializing in a single transaction thus speeding up startup time

83ec0139 05/26/2009 06:02 PM Niels Hoffmann

manually deproxied NamedAreas

5bb47346 05/26/2009 05:39 PM Andreas Müller

Bugfix for zoological name cache strategy

792a05f1 05/26/2009 03:41 PM Andreas Müller

utf8 term loading

fab1ec9e 05/25/2009 05:49 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed some issues with database handling and fixed a bug in LocationService.

c69c6827 05/25/2009 04:20 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed name/specimen type designation status mapping

21f31bf8 05/20/2009 12:12 PM Andreas Müller

references and microreferences for name relations
specimenTest fix

abd1afb8 05/19/2009 04:34 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

method from HibernateProxyHelperExtended added

db8576af 05/19/2009 04:21 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Activated loading of NameTypeDesignationStatus terms. Fixed unit test.

43c9559f 05/18/2009 06:25 PM Andreas Müller

TimePeriod toString

fb6ab107 05/17/2009 03:23 PM Ben Clark

corrected free-text index field for consistency

5d49833e 05/15/2009 06:24 PM Ben Clark

Annotated References, Media, and Agents, and also added more data types to the anyTypeDefs to allow more types of data to be annotated and marked etc, and added a jaxb annotation to OriginalSource.sourcedObj

d5f87d01 05/11/2009 03:18 PM Andreas Müller
629e71bb 05/11/2009 01:08 PM Andreas Müller


30ec0bf1 05/11/2009 12:06 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

#724: Update taxonomic children count and taxonomic parent cache when deleting a taxon.

4208745a 05/07/2009 01:36 PM Ben Clark

Lots of changes, but primarily:
Enabled the marshalling / unmarshalling of LSIDAuthority
Renamed the User table to UserAccount to avoid problems on SQLServer
Major refactoring of CacheStrategyGenerators so that the generic framework extends across all IIdentifiableEntities, allowing (but not requiring) the use of @Configurable and aop to inject custom cache strategy generators at runtime

2d06f7e9 05/05/2009 11:08 AM Anahit Babadshanjan

Bugfix in IdentifiableEntity.compareTo()

7a9c47b8 04/29/2009 10:38 AM Niels Hoffmann

added imageGallery flag to DescriptionBase. This should serve as a quick fix to the problem where to store images related to taxa in the CDM

b24d580a 04/28/2009 03:21 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

additional transient methods for new REST service + bug fixes

52931327 04/24/2009 04:35 PM Helene Fradin

Addition of ReccommendedMeasurementUnits attribute

2d4607f2 04/20/2009 05:22 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

TypeDesignationStatus renamed to SpecimenTypeDesignationStatus

ef846006 04/02/2009 06:05 PM Andreas Müller

taxonomic view and node in model

8b827269 03/31/2009 02:11 PM Andreas Müller

Cast bug in IdentifiableEntity.copareTo()

f25af4a9 03/31/2009 01:38 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix teamMembers as lists

db45aff9 03/25/2009 10:07 PM Andreas Müller

Credits in model

74679188 03/25/2009 07:27 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Comment NameTypeDesignationStatus initializing since tests don't run

83606f32 03/25/2009 03:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

svn keyword property "Id" added

828f8b96 03/25/2009 01:50 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

NameTypeDesignationStatus defined terms added (ticket #642)

affa9b33 03/24/2009 07:15 PM Andreas Müller

Credit raw

e133b83b 03/24/2009 07:10 PM Andreas Müller

model change for references (publishers) and taxon status

8d3a7b43 03/24/2009 05:00 PM Andreas Müller


b70a7f94 03/23/2009 04:39 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reintroducing transient getters where required for cdm-remote; removing cast from inside getNomenclaturalReference(){}

c9866164 03/22/2009 10:56 PM Ben Clark

Made changes to the xml mapping of DefinedTermBase.kindOf, .partOf, includes, and generalizationOf due to the way JAXB handles (or doesn't) generics.

9dee3e0f 03/20/2009 05:55 PM Ben Clark

small change to AuditEvent

168723a2 03/19/2009 05:29 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Merged branches/cdmlib/2.0 changes r5130:5370 into the trunk

2faf407b 03/18/2009 03:34 PM Andreas Müller

licences and INomenclaturalReference for CdDvd

3190e7d8 03/12/2009 06:20 PM Ben Clark

added supportsCategoricalData to XmlType.propOrder

fd7ee7b1 03/12/2009 05:57 PM Ben Clark

Minor problems discovered whilst refactoring CATE:
Corrections to User / Group / Authority impl
Changes due to upgrade of hibernate-search
change private constructors to protected (due to their handling by hibernate proxies)

b2231758 03/12/2009 04:43 PM Helene Fradin
  • addition of the boolean attribute "SupportsCategoricalData"
b7c8bf54 03/12/2009 04:41 PM Helene Fradin


  • new Hibernate annotation for the list of StateData to be stored
ec1f7873 03/11/2009 08:27 PM Andreas Müller

lectotype for NameTypeDesignations

af3f8c57 03/11/2009 07:57 PM Andreas Müller

bug in NomenclaturalCode

d3af2c76 03/10/2009 02:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

getClassWithoutInitializingProxy() added to HibernateProxyHelper

ee709259 03/10/2009 02:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing potential null pointer exception from TermBase

903a851d 03/05/2009 12:36 PM Ben Clark

Refactored User / Group / Granted Authority + Auditing properties (#630)

ab5846c6 03/04/2009 06:45 PM Andreas Müller

Bug fix for HibernateProxyHelper (2.1)

06c0f84d 03/04/2009 02:51 PM Andreas Müller

deproxy for hibernate proxies (v2.1)

96c08c19 03/03/2009 11:31 AM Ben Clark

Minor changes due to Xml / Schema import issues

fcb02dc9 03/02/2009 04:47 PM Andreas Müller

initialization for addresses in Contact

c49c125c 03/02/2009 04:46 PM Andreas Müller

bug fix for add/remove TaxonNameDescription in TaxonNameBase