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9a963f43 08/10/2011 04:51 PM Andreas Müller

change name of ReferencedMedia to ReferencedMediaBase (#2381)

1e9848aa 08/02/2011 04:34 PM Andreas Müller

some updates on factory methods for media, figure, media representations

d907eaa7 06/27/2011 06:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

modifications in cdmlib for #2206 (modify the means to find images for the data portal)

727e2bb3 06/08/2011 04:25 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed a failing test

370503cf 06/08/2011 03:16 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactored MediaMetaData and family. Renamed it to MediaInfo. API is now less confusing and more consistent.

d0a02bfc 04/20/2011 01:13 PM Andreas Müller

make rights.uri a real URI #2339

e0212247 02/16/2011 02:43 PM Niels Hoffmann

Reverting the RightsTerm -> RightsType change (see #1306). This is a model change and needs updates to the schema. We will transfer this into a branch.

e2ab8b8b 02/15/2011 01:09 PM Katja Luther

#1306, RightsTerm should be renamed to RightsType for consistency

e66d9d39 01/31/2011 02:12 PM Katja Luther

replace deprecated methods with new ones #2176

a7f996b4 01/14/2011 04:27 PM Katja Luther

the deprecated methods call the new methods (#2176)

c32e1215 01/12/2011 01:59 PM Katja Luther

adapt the all put/add methods operating on maps to put(key, value), set the old methods to deprecated

e49a769c 12/03/2010 06:48 PM Niels Hoffmann

added an interface to easily identify multilanguage text entities

1d36aa54 12/01/2010 04:17 PM Andreas Müller

merge 3.0.2 to trunk

18ea53e4 09/27/2010 05:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

some fixes anf new imports for the tdwg workshop

8cc82a87 09/27/2010 06:24 AM Andreas Müller

reset for defined terms

0a98f8dc 09/15/2010 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

javadoc on deprecated

d202cbf1 09/15/2010 05:20 PM Andreas Müller

javadoc on deprecated

628107c7 07/21/2010 06:12 PM Andreas Müller

javadoc for media classes

aa306a13 06/22/2010 06:57 PM Andreas Müller

changed strategy for media with no title a bit

a0311946 06/22/2010 06:43 PM Andreas Müller

improved cache strategy for media (and resolved some svn merge error)

892efc69 06/16/2010 05:30 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

merging /branches/cdmlib/SPRINT-Chichorieae1/ to trunk

294bd6f5 03/29/2010 01:56 PM Eun-Mok Lee

Merging cdmlib-model; pesi. Merge rev 8256:8526.

aa5ff7f3 03/26/2010 06:00 PM Niels Hoffmann

changed parameters of ImageFile setter and getter methods from int to Integer. Reworked titleCache for Media objects as to avoid confusion with the Media.title field

9640aa96 03/25/2010 03:05 PM Niels Hoffmann

Minor changes to media API. Old methods have been set to deprecated.

9cc4226b 03/22/2010 10:46 AM Katja Luther

merging PESI brach into trunk

a784f00f 03/10/2010 12:00 PM Katja Luther

merge cate-development2 branch with trunk

024097d6 12/21/2009 02:40 PM Ben Clark

Added CascadeType.MERGE to some relationships

51db8d4a 12/18/2009 10:15 AM Ben Clark

TermBase and descendants indexed using hibernate search

5105dcc4 11/16/2009 05:12 PM Katja Luther

revert the model changes...

f754b469 11/16/2009 05:11 PM Katja Luther
1d8da16b 11/16/2009 05:09 PM Katja Luther
bad68263 11/16/2009 04:57 PM Katja Luther

rightsterm -> rightstype ticket #1306

58452b54 11/10/2009 03:57 PM Katja Luther

modifier "abstract" removed in interfaces

22bb259e 11/09/2009 12:54 PM Katja Luther
6837d5b7 10/29/2009 02:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merging revisions 7377-7378,7390-7396,7400-7405,7412-7414,7442-7443,7448-7449,7453-7456 of into trunk - test in error, see #1274, #1275

1412a4c4 10/26/2009 01:40 PM Katja Luther
a641fad9 10/07/2009 02:06 PM Ben Clark

Merged in changes from cate-development branch and upgraded to spring 3.0.0.RC1

e76ce525 09/22/2009 01:23 PM Andreas Müller


ae1d3bd5 09/16/2009 04:51 PM Katja Luther
8bfb99f8 09/09/2009 03:56 PM Katja Luther
3c3ab65a 09/02/2009 11:10 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding and using yourkit profiler controller

d11e2ca0 08/31/2009 02:00 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

#445: Added missing term vocabularies
#921: Added setDefaultTerms methods
Added inferred and potential combination synonym relationship types for Fauna Europaea

28b20b67 08/19/2009 01:27 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fix in JAXB annotations, typo

142800e7 08/18/2009 05:33 PM Andreas Müller

Deleting empty compareTo methods from DefinedTerms

22d007e0 08/17/2009 11:07 PM Andreas Müller


17f0cc4b 08/17/2009 11:54 AM Helene Fradin

CHANGES TO THE CDMLIB-MODEL: Media and DefinedTermBase become IdentifiableEntity, new classes to represent descriptive dataset and keys

  1. Media extends IdentifiableEntity
  2. addition of a ComparableTo method
  3. deletion of the redundant attribute 'rights'...
53befb32 08/06/2009 10:29 AM Andreas Müller

Merging for cdmlib-model

c76ef9e7 08/05/2009 02:51 AM Andreas Müller

bugfix for media.clone

0f66d983 08/05/2009 01:38 AM Andreas Müller


002b71ff 08/05/2009 01:37 AM Andreas Müller

Media.clone and MediaTest

2beb45d7 06/17/2009 10:41 AM Ben Clark

Made the images in DescriptionElementBase ordered (java.util.List) and changed Media.mediaCreated to a joda DateTime

1ea1c087 06/03/2009 11:31 PM Ben Clark

Added Cascade.MERGE for some, not all relationships where Cascade.SAVE_UPDATE exists, also added @NaturalId on uuid field to (a) index this column, speeding it up and (b) ensure uniqueness within a table of a given uuid (following the same semantics as equals())

5d49833e 05/15/2009 06:24 PM Ben Clark

Annotated References, Media, and Agents, and also added more data types to the anyTypeDefs to allow more types of data to be annotated and marked etc, and added a jaxb annotation to OriginalSource.sourcedObj

4208745a 05/07/2009 01:36 PM Ben Clark

Lots of changes, but primarily:
Enabled the marshalling / unmarshalling of LSIDAuthority
Renamed the User table to UserAccount to avoid problems on SQLServer
Major refactoring of CacheStrategyGenerators so that the generic framework extends across all IIdentifiableEntities, allowing (but not requiring) the use of @Configurable and aop to inject custom cache strategy generators at runtime

ee91bcd9 02/25/2009 01:45 PM Ben Clark

Committing large number of changes relating to versioning implementation (#108)

e2841c04 02/05/2009 05:34 PM Helene Fradin

Change from @OneToMany for @ManyToMany for 'media' field

91c65d51 02/05/2009 05:06 PM Helene Fradin

While waiting or hibernate to handle complex collection type, replacement of MultilanguageText by a Map

f6765014 01/20/2009 05:59 PM Ben Clark

Major changes to the cdmlib default term loading and initialization, plus indexing of some model entities as part of #476

1a35ee20 12/19/2008 06:28 PM Ben Clark

Added methods for retrieving Rights and OriginalSource as part of #466 implemented RightsTerm vocabulary, corrected mappings for Rights and OriginalSource

b3730261 11/27/2008 12:54 AM Andreas Müller

Delete warnings in media

961ee94b 11/27/2008 12:34 AM Andreas Müller

warning clean cdmlib-model agent and jaxb

dc776ce0 11/26/2008 03:34 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed Hibernate mappings, JAXB annotations, and typos after model review.

b824294c 11/24/2008 11:22 AM Anahit Babadshanjan

Finished JAXB annotations for media, reference, and molecular packages

6252a601 11/19/2008 06:15 PM Andreas Müller

Documentation of Media classes

7b193710 09/09/2008 11:04 AM Marc Geoffroy
a2d95d6e 09/08/2008 03:32 PM Anahit Babadshanjan
d26c2ef9 09/08/2008 02:31 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Opportunity to omit term loading during DB initialization.
Use @Qualifier to fix bean creation error.

9e645ae4 09/08/2008 11:21 AM Niels Hoffmann

fix sorting of !MediaRepresentations

3b54d0c9 09/05/2008 01:02 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Fixed marshalling/unmarshalling of ReferenceBase, TypeDesignationBase, etc.
Added saveAll() to CdmEntityDaoBase.

e37a7b96 09/04/2008 09:05 AM Anahit Babadshanjan
6cce5702 09/02/2008 05:00 PM Anahit Babadshanjan
64c4a14d 08/29/2008 03:31 PM Anahit Babadshanjan
33ba2b9b 08/27/2008 03:09 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactoring Media

0ae18eec 08/19/2008 02:22 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Using external marshaller listener to set id=0 in case of DefinedTermBase derived classes.
Using read-only transaction.

ddae61ce 08/12/2008 05:12 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Deserialize Cichorieae reference database

e1c9b32e 08/05/2008 02:10 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Performed project cleanup.

71dcc146 07/07/2008 09:20 PM Andreas Müller
1b38fe85 07/07/2008 01:41 PM Andreas Kohlbecker
835c12dd 06/29/2008 12:32 PM Andreas Müller
f4445db2 06/26/2008 01:36 PM Anahit Babadshanjan

Default constructors added

f954f497 06/18/2008 04:34 PM Andreas Müller
1059a526 06/16/2008 03:52 PM Andreas Müller
41b23b4e 06/11/2008 01:24 PM Andreas Müller
dbee9ee3 06/09/2008 05:11 PM Andreas Müller
d5e92940 06/09/2008 04:25 PM Andreas Müller
0ed0ef35 05/09/2008 04:26 AM Andreas Müller


ca21f846 05/09/2008 12:02 AM Andreas Müller

moved to