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8f006e1e 01/16/2018 02:42 PM Andreas Müller

fix #7180 fix #7175 refactor (CdmLight) and implementd (DwC-A) publish flag filtering

e6bec461 01/16/2018 02:40 PM Andreas Müller


19c6f3d6 01/16/2018 01:04 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7175, ref #7180, ref #7165, ref #7166 Adapting TaxonNodeFilter for unpublished, minMaxRank and areas

a4433228 01/15/2018 09:36 AM Katja Luther

add attr. onlyPublishedTaxa to exportConfigurator and CdmLightExport

2985a328 01/08/2018 09:23 AM Katja Luther

add proparte synonym information to csv light export

76db2374 12/05/2017 11:05 AM Andreas Müller


e6e319fa 11/24/2017 05:36 PM Andreas Müller


69c95165 11/23/2017 10:20 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 add reference author handling and and reporting for ID duplicates

22fad5e0 11/21/2017 12:44 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 fix compilation issue in ImportDeduplicationHelper

7c52e886 11/21/2017 12:28 PM Andreas Müller


c56f0e4a 11/21/2017 12:27 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 fix TropicosNameImportTest

971254b7 11/21/2017 10:43 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 first version of Tropicos import

4f360e46 11/21/2017 10:43 AM Andreas Müller


27c167e1 11/21/2017 10:43 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 rename static Name Identifier methods

2cc98a0b 11/21/2017 10:43 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6965 move CsvImportBase to "in" package

77861b7e 11/12/2017 12:28 AM Andreas Müller


1baa10df 11/12/2017 12:27 AM Andreas Müller

move stream base classes from dwca to stream package

044720dd 11/11/2017 10:22 PM Andreas Müller

remove reference deduplication as default from Excel import

232d22e5 11/11/2017 10:22 PM Andreas Müller


9181f0ae 11/11/2017 10:21 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7075 first running version for ImageExcelImport

793ad48e 11/02/2017 11:52 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup and improved generics for commonservice findXXX methods

3a676b7a 10/30/2017 11:00 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6606 changes in cdmlib for bogota specimen import

82281c06 10/27/2017 11:18 PM Andreas Müller

fix handling of null feature in import

04ea849a 10/20/2017 10:45 AM Andreas Müller


d2377131 10/18/2017 06:20 PM Andreas Müller

revert unwanted changes

deda7038 10/18/2017 06:17 PM Andreas Müller

minor fixes to IdentifierImport

dfe7b9ee 10/18/2017 06:17 PM Andreas Müller


901fa7c6 10/17/2017 03:22 PM Katja Luther

abcd import new taxa to new classification if configured

85028f14 10/17/2017 01:40 PM Katja Luther

abcd import: handle empty collecting areas and fix used classification for new taxa

417a8287 10/16/2017 12:36 PM Katja Luther

move initialize to constructor and small changes in cdmlightexport

eb8122a2 10/10/2017 12:27 PM Katja Luther

remove subTreeConfigurator and updater from io package

bd424526 10/10/2017 12:01 PM Katja Luther

smaller changes in ForSubtreeConfigurator

75f222cf 10/09/2017 06:45 AM Andreas Müller


fbac3ea6 09/25/2017 02:48 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6968 add taxon title to warning

76064f4f 09/25/2017 02:10 PM Andreas Müller

Minor change in error handling in CDM light

4cfa061e 09/25/2017 12:58 PM Katja Luther

fix #6968: add warning if indiv. assoc. has no specimen

2e563135 09/25/2017 11:55 AM Katja Luther

code cleaning

3429c491 09/24/2017 10:57 AM Andreas Müller

ref #2342 ref 6755 fix some issues in higherClassification handling in DwC-A export

818cfd67 09/22/2017 11:42 PM Andreas Müller

ref #2342 fix bug in higherClassification handling in DwC-A export and adapt tests

d2f7f487 09/22/2017 08:59 PM Andreas Müller

ref #2342 first implementation of higherClassification handling in DwC-A export

dcaa38a3 09/22/2017 08:54 PM Andreas Müller


a509a0ab 09/21/2017 10:51 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6730 try to remove compilation problem in MediaServiceImpl.delete

7ecc92ea 09/21/2017 06:00 PM Katja Luther

add try/catch for handling of description elements

db5f97f7 09/21/2017 11:00 AM Katja Luther

add new enum ExportType

2f310189 09/21/2017 10:50 AM Katja Luther

the export result needs to know from which kind of export it is

9b7bec58 09/20/2017 02:23 PM Katja Luther

fix creation of new namedAreas in specimen import and search for isocode

2fa45f7e 09/20/2017 12:50 PM Katja Luther

fix gatheringAgent import in ABCD Import

86244fd8 09/20/2017 10:09 AM Katja Luther

ref #6627: use taxonnodeFilter and partitioner for cdmLightExport

7665d3d5 09/19/2017 03:29 PM Katja Luther

pass the vocService to the setCountry method

7cb35a81 09/15/2017 02:24 PM Katja Luther

add the new created namedArea for gathering event to a vocabulary in specimen import

1daa8712 09/15/2017 02:22 PM Katja Luther

ref #6933: selected taxonNode is exported as well

f78fa936 09/15/2017 02:11 PM Katja Luther

create new Area for GatheringArea with label and add to Vocabulary

62529270 09/15/2017 10:42 AM Katja Luther

fix cdm light export only for taxonnodes

bd38ac23 09/14/2017 09:26 PM Katja Luther


c10b24e0 09/14/2017 09:10 PM Katja Luther

remove setSecundum in io package

44e7c392 09/14/2017 08:45 PM Katja Luther

fix abcd import for associated units

3f8b868e 09/14/2017 08:44 PM Katja Luther


8081ee07 09/14/2017 04:12 PM Katja Luther

ref #6730: set result to Abort if media is used elsewhere

4691e160 09/13/2017 11:56 PM Andreas Müller

fix #3740 implement setPublish for subtrees

28fe8728 09/13/2017 05:09 PM Andreas Müller

ref #3740 further refactor operations in io layer and add publishForSubtreeUpdater

4df9f28c 09/13/2017 04:39 PM Andreas Müller

ref #3740 refactor operations in io layer

  • move operations and operation configurators to a separate package (remove from common package) as they are not realy related to import or export
  • operations are long running tasks using the io framework but not importing or exporting data
05f33e9b 09/12/2017 09:14 AM Katja Luther

ABCD import:set fieldUnit in derivedUnitFace after creation to avoid new creation of fieldUnit

e30489a4 09/08/2017 02:38 PM Katja Luther

cdmLight export: add classification export again

48efa785 09/08/2017 02:20 PM Katja Luther

adapt cdmLightExport for using TaxonNodeFilter

2a9732b9 09/07/2017 03:14 PM Andreas Müller

revert DwcaImport changes

8fa18b55 09/07/2017 03:09 PM Andreas Müller

remove deprecated in NomenclaturalCode constructor

7ddba3fb 09/07/2017 01:39 PM Andreas Müller


207d3705 09/07/2017 01:39 PM Andreas Müller


680247ae 09/07/2017 01:39 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 handle modified in CoL import

74a347d5 09/07/2017 01:39 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 handle occurrenceStatus and establishementMeans in CoL

b688e2c6 09/07/2017 01:39 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 handle extinct and modified in CoL

f6fab409 09/04/2017 03:00 PM Katja Luther

fix simple facts for simple facts without text

7588eacb 09/01/2017 09:43 AM Katja Luther

fix #6799: add totalCount of ticks as totalwork and start the progress monitor when this is calculated

279ff31a 09/01/2017 08:53 AM Katja Luther

ref #6799: start the progress monitor

7de8dccc 09/01/2017 08:34 AM Katja Luther

ref #6799: use the progress monitor of the configurator

e5c27931 09/01/2017 08:22 AM Katja Luther

ref #6627: facts containing only media exported to an media table

23e50194 08/21/2017 10:00 AM Katja Luther

fix bug in sortindex updater

9f65ce1c 08/15/2017 10:03 AM Katja Luther

ref #6828:adapt cache updater to work for specimenOrObservationBase

0a5679a4 08/05/2017 01:39 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 and ref #5173 improve area handling for CoL distribution import

cf60f92a 08/05/2017 01:39 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 handle non LSID identifiers in CoL import

441eb4b5 08/05/2017 01:39 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 handle languages in DwCA CoL import

44fc1b63 08/05/2017 01:39 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6887 add description.txt to CoL import

  • add DISTRIBUTION_GENERAL to Feature static methods
  • import fields with default values
29024880 08/05/2017 01:39 AM Andreas Müller


4bb21e4f 08/03/2017 05:08 PM Andreas Müller

fix compilation issue in PartitionableConverterBase

f0d88d76 08/03/2017 04:23 PM Andreas Müller

fix inadequate logging in stream partitioner

a006a5d4 08/03/2017 04:07 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6880 allow explicitly define hibernate configurations in applicationController

  • e.g. switch of auditing for long running imports
337563aa 08/03/2017 04:04 PM Andreas Müller


1eaef993 08/02/2017 11:32 PM Andreas Müller


c03af146 08/02/2017 09:09 PM Andreas Müller

ref #5713 fix #5713 (partly or fully)

0d6a5e24 08/02/2017 09:08 PM Andreas Müller


f1d58e11 07/24/2017 11:25 PM Andreas Müller

use uuid instead of id for refresh in ImportDeduplicationHelper

78f204f3 07/10/2017 12:21 PM Patrick Plitzner

Merge branch 'develop' into owlExport

7a64fc5f 07/10/2017 10:10 AM Katja Luther

smaller changes in NormalExplicit import

5cf44b8a 07/09/2017 04:54 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6792 adapt ImportDeduplicationHelper to run with sessions (for AgentBase)

0c683ea3 07/09/2017 04:53 PM Andreas Müller

fix #6793 implement csv import framework

204aa9a6 07/09/2017 04:42 PM Andreas Müller

adapt generics for SimpleImport

ede5b774 07/09/2017 04:38 PM Andreas Müller


bb7eee99 07/08/2017 02:08 AM Andreas Müller

fix #6790 IO class hierarchy creates problems in eclipse

dbf0413a 07/08/2017 01:56 AM Andreas Müller

rename ExcelImporterBase to ExcelImportBase

8bf361bf 07/07/2017 11:16 PM Andreas Müller