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ec02b2a3 07/20/2011 04:32 PM Andreas Müller

newest developments for document markup (including success -> state)

51171c9d 07/20/2011 04:27 PM Andreas Müller

last updates for Taxon Excel Import and moving all success variables to state

5316cc5a 07/19/2011 05:11 PM Andreas Müller

nameUsedInSource added to NEEI

b843bc50 07/19/2011 04:53 PM Andreas Müller

add language to feature for NEEI

3b8a0b9a 07/19/2011 03:38 PM Andreas Müller

Some refactoring for Excel import. No new features

40120619 07/19/2011 03:18 PM Andreas Müller

last changes in NormalExplicitImport

63d55cf4 07/19/2011 03:18 PM Andreas Müller

no label features are not created

cec69672 07/18/2011 04:02 PM Andreas Müller

NormalExplicit synonyms with uuid handling

bf1f7581 07/17/2011 07:59 PM Andreas Müller

new developments for NormalExplicit

a3c03eaf 07/15/2011 12:31 AM Andreas Müller

update for NormalExplicitImport

c84013f1 07/14/2011 03:56 PM Andreas Müller

move base column handling to base class (Excel import)

29120251 07/14/2011 03:19 PM Andreas Müller

further refactoring to make Excel imports more generic

f3469d87 07/13/2011 11:25 PM Andreas Müller

Refactoring Excel Import

1ad8b3ae 07/13/2011 11:23 PM Andreas Müller

Remove OriginalNameID from DwcA Export

b0d30858 07/12/2011 05:57 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix in fireSchemaConflictEvent

f0203345 07/12/2011 05:57 PM Andreas Müller

better stacktrace handling for fireWarningEvent

da2d8866 07/12/2011 05:56 PM Andreas Müller

typo in javadoc

7f8eb81f 07/12/2011 05:55 PM Andreas Müller

some bugfixes on DwcA Export

6d182475 07/08/2011 11:38 AM Andreas Müller

better handling of start/end elements in events

da250556 07/08/2011 11:37 AM Andreas Müller

Use config data for instruction symbols

f26ddad7 07/05/2011 01:05 PM Katja Luther

quick fix of tests, save() is not secured at the moment, because for tests it is needed to save objects to the database without authentication.

6e0c532b 06/29/2011 02:07 PM Andreas Müller

more changes to MarkUp import

19cada51 06/28/2011 03:59 PM Andreas Müller

factory method for IoProblemEvent and some more base methods for ImportHandler

9959abb9 06/28/2011 02:00 PM Andreas Müller

added xmlImportConfigurator and some import handlers for markup import

6b8ba655 06/28/2011 01:00 PM Andreas Müller

create XMLImportBase

7439328d 06/28/2011 11:37 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

57d58c24 06/27/2011 10:38 AM Andreas Müller

event handling for IO (update) and MarkupImport

6ef33d62 06/24/2011 01:45 PM Andreas Müller

event based validation framework for IO

1a457f62 06/23/2011 04:19 PM Niels Hoffmann


860b471e 06/21/2011 03:41 PM Andreas Müller

bugfixes for dwca distribution and core export

ad81ba10 06/21/2011 02:31 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

ad1bd6a8 06/21/2011 01:19 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for dwca MetaData

8d5fb727 06/20/2011 06:50 PM Andreas Müller

latest changes for DwcA-Export

7518fc67 06/20/2011 01:49 PM Andreas Müller

add sources to DwcA-Export; also genusOrUninomial and infragenericEpi

2890acf5 06/20/2011 10:51 AM Andreas Müller

New Developments for DwcA-Export

727e2bb3 06/08/2011 04:25 PM Niels Hoffmann

Fixed a failing test

370503cf 06/08/2011 03:16 PM Niels Hoffmann

Refactored MediaMetaData and family. Renamed it to MediaInfo. API is now less confusing and more consistent.

0c9886de 05/27/2011 05:05 PM Andreas Müller

area matching in specimen import

32e64177 05/27/2011 02:53 PM Andreas Müller

TermMatchMode for named area imports

60925464 05/27/2011 01:28 AM Andreas Müller

newest development for specimen import (e.g. RefSystem)

976e5fd3 05/24/2011 04:23 PM Andreas Müller

newest development for specimen import

e5cacaa2 05/24/2011 03:02 PM Andreas Müller

named areas for specimen

f412ade2 05/24/2011 11:48 AM Andreas Müller

newest developments for specimen import (e.g. area levels)

0cf2a0c6 05/23/2011 11:40 PM Andreas Müller


a1820fd7 05/23/2011 11:38 PM Andreas Müller


f5fe8846 05/23/2011 06:27 PM Andreas Müller

newest developments in specimen import

08e00d39 05/23/2011 12:00 PM Andreas Müller

added SpecimenTypeDesignationStatus.Type ... and use in InputTransformer

7394598e 05/23/2011 11:37 AM Andreas Müller

minor (logging)

0a3e500e 05/20/2011 04:54 PM Andreas Müller

latest development for specimen import

eba3a906 05/20/2011 04:53 PM Andreas Müller

added specimenTypeDesignationStatus to transformerBase

fe021b01 05/20/2011 11:43 AM Andreas Müller

latest development for specimen import

f77b32f4 05/12/2011 11:36 AM Niels Hoffmann

Fixes #2372

49a15a79 05/11/2011 01:20 PM Andreas Müller

first part of implementation for CDM Specimen import

178282bf 05/10/2011 04:50 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for compilation error in BerlinModelTransformer

91a9471d 05/04/2011 04:59 PM Andreas Müller

make collector number deprecated in DerivedUnitBase and remove from specimen facade and ABCD import and REST services(#2362)

f88ffe46 05/04/2011 01:19 AM Andreas Müller

made termsourceuri a real URI (#2313)

80cc3771 05/03/2011 05:31 PM Andreas Müller

mapping to GBIF complete (still need code cleaning)

032a4387 05/03/2011 02:01 PM Andreas Müller


d5c8cc5a 05/03/2011 01:47 PM Andreas Müller

term mapping (2)

45194a50 05/02/2011 05:09 PM Niels Hoffmann

Changed destination to type File in NewInstance and constructor methods

ebf7bac5 05/02/2011 04:00 PM Andreas Müller


10ca1c93 05/02/2011 03:53 PM Andreas Müller


509dee4d 05/02/2011 03:52 PM Andreas Müller

remove doZip

bd669c71 05/02/2011 02:49 PM Andreas Müller

zip creation for dwca

c0ce0010 04/30/2011 04:21 PM Andreas Müller

Dwca EML and ZIP

b2135587 04/29/2011 01:49 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for dwca (classificationId)

0cf40899 04/29/2011 01:44 PM Andreas Müller

use uuids and some other updates to dwca export

17b23836 04/27/2011 04:45 PM Andreas Müller

some further improvements to DwcA-O

f355f393 04/27/2011 01:17 PM Niels Hoffmann

fixes #2347

251d958d 04/26/2011 07:30 PM Andreas Müller

Use interface type for get/setCdmAppController in CdmDefaultIOBase (#2347)

d5fe8657 04/21/2011 05:01 PM Andreas Müller

latest DwcA improvements

7624f446 04/21/2011 04:04 PM Andreas Müller

updates for DwcA import

b8d0dc33 04/21/2011 01:44 PM Niels Hoffmann


2ae594e7 04/21/2011 01:38 PM Andreas Müller

improvements to DwcA export

b8f5bd94 04/20/2011 06:22 PM Andreas Müller

some minor bugfixes

e08884ef 04/20/2011 05:58 PM Andreas Müller

minor changes

3981d514 04/20/2011 05:34 PM Andreas Müller

wrong filenames for dwca exports

dd05b8b8 04/20/2011 05:32 PM Andreas Müller

bugfixes for existing dwca exports and

35d4750f 04/20/2011 01:42 PM Andreas Müller

started with DwcaReferenceExport

54649625 04/20/2011 12:07 PM Andreas Müller

Dwca images export first implementation

2907e2c8 04/20/2011 10:47 AM Andreas Müller

dwca distributions first implementation

179b9191 04/20/2011 09:58 AM Andreas Müller

DarwinCoreArchive vernaculars first implementation

e9ed83eb 04/19/2011 02:36 PM Andreas Müller

dwca improvements

ec2d402d 04/18/2011 04:44 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix and first dwca implementation

479b6109 04/18/2011 03:34 PM Andreas Müller

refactoring export configurators and states, added dwcaTaxExport

e2d3438d 04/18/2011 03:26 PM Andreas Müller


78afe583 04/18/2011 03:17 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

70cd13bc 04/18/2011 03:01 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

a0f6ea74 04/09/2011 10:47 AM Andreas Müller

first steps for specimen import

d6557e6d 04/05/2011 10:51 AM Andreas Müller

Renaming Specimen Excel Import (state)

fb54c084 04/05/2011 10:50 AM Andreas Müller

Renaming Specimen Excel Import

e7831ad5 03/29/2011 11:54 AM Niels Hoffmann

Removing unused import that was not available anymore due to renaming

f197a589 03/02/2011 06:10 PM Andreas Müller

refactoring of interface for updateTitleCache

a8080c53 03/01/2011 05:09 PM Andreas Müller

Handle new NamedArea vocabulary as OrderedVocabulary

efb6269a 03/01/2011 05:08 PM Andreas Müller

remove import

b791e938 02/25/2011 05:03 PM Andreas Müller

better success handling for Excel import

b6efb4aa 02/25/2011 02:48 PM Andreas Müller

change javadoc

a80fc5b0 02/21/2011 11:15 AM Andreas Müller

compile problems in io #2253 (bugfix merged into trunk)

2a179529 02/18/2011 10:17 PM Andreas Müller

hide term vocabulary constructors and create factory methods instead

417894aa 02/18/2011 09:45 AM Andreas Müller

add user defined vocabulary