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  cdm fb3dec85 over 8 years Andreas Müller Latest changes for Cuba import

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fb3dec85 01/12/2016 12:26 PM Andreas Müller

Latest changes for Cuba import

252dab9b 01/06/2016 04:31 PM Andreas Müller

Latest changes for Edaphobase import

8e7b7068 01/06/2016 04:30 PM Andreas Müller

Minor cleanups in appimport

ede5c502 01/06/2016 04:29 PM Andreas Müller

Add Cuba flora import

bb953b81 01/04/2016 05:09 PM Andreas Müller

Minor change in Cyprus Activator

2b5f8b56 12/18/2015 09:55 PM Andreas Müller

Add first version of Edaphobase importer and some clean up

faf45262 12/11/2015 12:51 PM Andreas Müller

Add Edaphobase activator

28cefe56 12/09/2015 12:31 PM Katja Luther


50818ab7 12/09/2015 12:27 PM Katja Luther

adapt the import classes to the new return type ImportResult

b0ca9585 11/13/2015 03:16 PM Andreas Müller

Update app-import application contexts to work with spring-security 4

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