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f16beeb8 03/20/2016 12:27 AM Andreas Müller


b9cdcc88 03/20/2016 12:27 AM Andreas Müller

Latest changes to Cuba import

89603ae0 03/16/2016 10:44 AM Patrick Plitzner

Enhance name check

94adeb1d 03/16/2016 09:19 AM Patrick Plitzner

Handle Misapplications

  • speed up author loading
32be2fc4 03/15/2016 04:54 PM Patrick Plitzner

Correct combination author handling

  • ex author error handling
800f157b 03/15/2016 03:56 PM Patrick Plitzner

speed up classification import

97616c01 03/15/2016 09:24 AM Patrick Plitzner


76dce350 03/15/2016 09:24 AM Patrick Plitzner

Unifiy name and taxon creation

6457f4a5 03/08/2016 11:06 AM Patrick Plitzner

Import taxon hierarchy

adf3faf9 03/07/2016 06:26 PM Patrick Plitzner

Extract namespace constants

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