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  erms e24d1470 over 12 years Andreas Müller update erms import (e.g. lsid mapper)
  faunaEuropaea e9f4b29b about 12 years Katja Luther
  merging 4cec86c7 over 12 years Andreas Müller
  out cdf08d0f about 12 years Andreas Müller bugfix for taxon name id mapping in PESI

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# Date Author Comment
cdf08d0f 01/25/2012 03:05 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for taxon name id mapping in PESI

2ec5e873 01/25/2012 10:10 AM Andreas Müller

latest developments for PESI export

a58c5f5a 01/24/2012 05:14 PM Andreas Müller

updates for PESI export

50ee2d35 01/23/2012 01:51 PM Andreas Müller

some updates to taxon export and relTaxonExport (PESI)

7519081b 01/23/2012 01:48 PM Andreas Müller

include infrageneric/-specific taxon and combIned

0be0671d 01/19/2012 03:18 PM Andreas Müller

some bugfixes for PESI export

e9f4b29b 01/19/2012 01:29 PM Katja Luther
d5bd9623 01/19/2012 01:25 PM Katja Luther
78aaa6cb 01/19/2012 11:20 AM Katja Luther
ddb1ce19 01/18/2012 05:09 PM Andreas Müller

improvements and bugfixes to PESI taxon export

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