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  erms 189cbf73 over 7 years Andreas Müller adapt eflora and pesi to 3.5 and validation2
  faunaEuropaea b191cd0f over 6 years Katja Luther Vernacular names import fauna europaea
  indexFungorum 48014773 about 7 years Andreas Müller Rename NonViralName authorteams to authorship #...
  merging 4cec86c7 over 10 years Andreas Müller
  out 9bfdad13 almost 7 years Andreas Müller use listRankSpecificRootNodes instead of deprec...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
b191cd0f 11/29/2015 11:04 PM Katja Luther

Vernacular names import fauna europaea

920872f8 11/29/2015 10:32 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merge of conflicted FaunaEu transformer

520b89c5 11/29/2015 10:10 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merged FaunaEu transformer

c05e5f35 11/27/2015 05:41 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merged FaunaEu transformer

6acc30f5 11/27/2015 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

Add doc for user defined FauEu area import

a399b702 11/27/2015 05:00 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

changes for fauna europaea import

7c19e84a 11/27/2015 04:47 PM Andreas Müller

Make FauEU area YU a user defined area #5409

4a11928f 11/27/2015 04:27 PM Andreas Müller

Fix FauEu mapping for Baleares #5407

e97140ed 11/19/2015 10:14 AM U-BGBM\k.luther


828f332d 11/19/2015 08:48 AM U-BGBM\k.luther

changes for vernacular names import

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