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8fbe8887 04/19/2021 10:08 PM Andreas Müller


e819af3f 12/05/2020 09:37 AM Andreas Müller

Update BgbmInstancesUpdater to new production instances

df19b88a 09/08/2020 12:45 AM Andreas Müller

update BgbmInstancesUpdater to current state

2adab869 11/28/2019 03:52 PM Andreas Müller

update BgbmInstancesUpdater

491e4eea 08/19/2019 04:15 PM Andreas Müller

ref #8404 add steplist to BgbmInstancesUpdater code

febf715a 03/23/2019 12:11 AM Andreas Müller

adapt app-import to new AccountStore package

c385a1b7 05/18/2018 10:20 AM Andreas Müller

latest changes to BgbmInstancesUpdater, E+M Import, GermanSL Import, etct

2280c2d9 07/07/2017 01:16 PM Andreas Müller

adapt BgbmInstancesUpdater to new databases

805b65b2 11/18/2016 04:35 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt BgbmInstancesUpdater to new databases

48879be4 05/11/2016 03:00 PM Andreas Müller

Update BgbmInstancesUpdater

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