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cdmlib-apps / app-import / src @ 8cf6f634

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  main 8cf6f634 almost 2 years Andreas Müller ref #7894 import source numbers for E+M
  test b557cf20 about 2 years Andreas Müller rename IAPT import test package (same name as i...

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
8cf6f634 11/08/2018 12:32 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7894 import source numbers for E+M

ae79d763 10/16/2018 05:45 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7420 latest changes to PhycobankActivator

aecf2600 10/14/2018 02:56 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7823 implement user.person deduplication

6943d396 10/14/2018 02:53 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7799 deduplicate and parse authorteams

db652f5c 10/14/2018 02:52 PM Andreas Müller

ref #7801 and ref #3787 deduplicate reference.authorstring and reference itself

b154ea92 10/12/2018 09:25 AM Andreas Müller

include filtered authors in E+M import

274e96c0 10/12/2018 09:23 AM Andreas Müller

#7799 reduce duplicated sources

8794602e 10/12/2018 09:19 AM Andreas Müller

improve performance for author loading in E+M

52e6e4b5 10/12/2018 09:07 AM Andreas Müller

ref #7796 remove ILDIS Bibliographie NameFacts from E+M import

1ff3a9d2 10/10/2018 12:54 PM Andreas Müller


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