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7b9bf97d 12/02/2015 11:20 AM U-BGBM\k.luther

delete no data term creation and referencing code

0c8759ce 12/02/2015 10:46 AM U-BGBM\k.luther

minor Fauna Eu changes

79997ad8 11/30/2015 12:39 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

Fauna Europaea import changes

b191cd0f 11/29/2015 11:04 PM Katja Luther

Vernacular names import fauna europaea

920872f8 11/29/2015 10:32 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merge of conflicted FaunaEu transformer

520b89c5 11/29/2015 10:10 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merged FaunaEu transformer

c05e5f35 11/27/2015 05:41 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

merged FaunaEu transformer

6acc30f5 11/27/2015 05:21 PM Andreas Müller

Add doc for user defined FauEu area import

a399b702 11/27/2015 05:00 PM U-BGBM\k.luther

changes for fauna europaea import

7c19e84a 11/27/2015 04:47 PM Andreas Müller

Make FauEU area YU a user defined area #5409

4a11928f 11/27/2015 04:27 PM Andreas Müller

Fix FauEu mapping for Baleares #5407

e97140ed 11/19/2015 10:14 AM U-BGBM\k.luther


828f332d 11/19/2015 08:48 AM U-BGBM\k.luther

changes for vernacular names import

2d885c52 11/16/2015 09:30 AM U-BGBM\k.luther

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

7548e4de 11/16/2015 09:30 AM U-BGBM\k.luther


1542dee5 11/13/2015 03:15 PM Andreas Müller

Import references as taxon descriptions in FauEu

  • Until now they were imported as name descriptions
9bfdad13 09/04/2015 12:22 AM Andreas Müller

use listRankSpecificRootNodes instead of deprecated methods

9628de9a 08/13/2015 09:36 AM Katja Luther

taxonomicSpecialist and groupCoordinator import

b5df9df2 07/03/2015 01:23 PM Andreas Müller

Try to fix compile/merge error

d182b05e 07/03/2015 01:21 PM Andreas Müller

Fix compiling error

c5a20308 07/03/2015 01:16 PM Andreas Müller

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'


f84594b1 07/03/2015 01:08 PM Andreas Müller

Clean FE Distribution Import

194e3888 07/03/2015 01:02 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt FEimport to new save return type.

cc12702e 07/03/2015 12:56 PM Andreas Müller

Adapt FEimport to new save return type.

48014773 06/23/2015 06:39 PM Andreas Müller

Rename NonViralName authorteams to authorship #4968

29dfb224 06/09/2015 02:04 PM Katja Luther

in preparation for ticket #4950

189cbf73 03/19/2015 04:25 PM Andreas Müller

adapt eflora and pesi to 3.5 and validation2

35ecf5f0 03/02/2015 01:36 PM Andreas Müller

remove compile error in pesi

e2a06fda 02/25/2015 10:32 PM Andreas Müller

removing euromed databases from pesi

07199bfc 12/11/2014 02:37 PM Andreas Müller

adapt pesi to model 3.4.1

538c276e 10/22/2014 12:19 AM Andreas Müller

merge app-import 3.4 branch into trunk

014f48b5 10/06/2014 12:57 PM Katja Luther
70d9ab6a 10/06/2014 10:27 AM Katja Luther
f8bcfa0d 09/10/2014 11:50 AM Andreas Müller


c483dd7e 09/09/2014 09:38 AM Katja Luther
a124222b 09/08/2014 02:35 PM Katja Luther
a4e75107 08/20/2014 03:34 PM Katja Luther
e5920e99 08/20/2014 03:24 PM Katja Luther
d2b6e0d7 08/18/2014 09:53 AM Katja Luther

index fungorum import of infraspecific taxa

7dfd3ab3 08/11/2014 03:17 PM Andreas Müller

updates to PESI E+M area export

d243b7fb 07/30/2014 05:02 PM Andreas Müller

remove some javadoc

e5d5da8a 07/30/2014 04:59 PM Andreas Müller

add notes to occurrence mapping

48b81110 07/30/2014 04:55 PM Andreas Müller

add E+M2 source

3e8514a9 07/29/2014 10:17 AM Katja Luther
cf050dc5 07/18/2014 02:39 PM Andreas Müller

PESI: resting abbrevTitle, GUID Mapping for Names, SourceNameCache for AdditionalSourceMapping, revert TaxonId mapping

7d916881 07/18/2014 02:35 PM Andreas Müller

Superorder handling for PESI, and E+M area handling

56f67be2 07/18/2014 02:34 PM Andreas Müller

revert idMapping for sources, and some javadoc remove

54c519a8 07/18/2014 02:33 PM Andreas Müller


e7f17779 07/18/2014 02:31 PM Andreas Müller

add euroMed3 as PESI source

c9409531 07/09/2014 10:45 PM Andreas Müller

revert methodCall renaming

41d91065 07/09/2014 10:27 PM Andreas Müller

remove booleans on addParentChild to make IndexFungorumHigherClassificationImport compile

7e63dbf0 07/08/2014 07:33 PM Andreas Müller

PESI destinations

c810e72f 07/08/2014 07:31 PM Andreas Müller

use E+M areas in BM import and Pesi export

2d481abb 07/08/2014 01:54 PM Katja Luther

changes in Fauna Europeae Import and Index Fungorum Import and PESI Export

152d9fee 07/07/2014 06:03 PM Andreas Müller


eb64d260 07/07/2014 06:02 PM Andreas Müller


18ecfd4f 07/07/2014 02:31 PM Andreas Müller

add handling for new root node in Pesi export

eecf4b9d 07/07/2014 02:31 PM Andreas Müller

add publish Flag handling to pesi export

be3694f1 06/05/2014 02:10 PM Andreas Müller


ea2d839e 05/20/2014 01:51 PM Katja Luther
ba8ecd5d 05/20/2014 12:11 PM Andreas Müller

better use of generics in service layer and persistence list methods

d56c1459 05/06/2014 04:16 PM Andreas Müller

adapt pesi to new delete structure

9900f429 02/26/2014 04:25 PM Andreas Müller

adapt pesi import to new IPartionedIO signature

16932594 02/17/2014 10:45 AM Katja Luther

adapt fauna europaea userimport

63d39904 02/13/2014 12:29 PM Cherian Mathew

reverting back cdm application configuration refactoring

1562e875 02/12/2014 03:37 PM Cherian Mathew

refactoring cdm application configuration / controller

e562544c 12/02/2013 12:26 PM Katja Luther
5b7138f9 12/02/2013 12:10 PM Katja Luther


724f959c 10/21/2013 01:17 PM Andreas Müller

move berlinModel to app-import

a2e7c979 10/21/2013 01:00 PM Andreas Müller

add berlin model import + export to pesi

71ccd8e6 10/21/2013 12:46 PM Andreas Müller

add berlin model import + export to pesi

bf33aaae 10/18/2013 12:42 AM Andreas Müller

remove imports

56fd2263 10/11/2013 03:24 PM Andreas Müller


3a63a7de 10/11/2013 03:23 PM Andreas Müller

use euroMed areas and some minor clean up; enable authentication for user import

bb38665e 09/25/2013 03:54 PM Andreas Müller

reintegrate cdmlib-app-3.3 branch into trunk

93684942 04/23/2013 04:33 PM Andreas Müller

update ReferenceFactory method

69bf751c 04/18/2013 04:39 PM Andreas Müller

move ProfilerController to cdmlib-persistence-test and remove parent pom from PESI

9f504c35 04/18/2013 03:38 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

bbe291e1 04/11/2013 11:48 AM Andreas Müller

fix wrong import for Logger

e81b8e81 03/04/2013 01:46 PM Andreas Müller

adapt PESI export to new signature of loadRankSpecificRootNode

92e0a796 11/14/2012 12:13 PM Andreas Müller

new DbImportBase and DbImportConfigurator

dcff9aad 07/23/2012 02:45 PM Andreas Müller

fix inconvertible types on linux VMs

94e58a30 07/23/2012 02:42 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

e47772dd 07/23/2012 02:38 PM Andreas Müller

make UTF-8 compatible

a3ee17ce 07/23/2012 02:35 PM Andreas Müller

make UTF-8 compatible

47e0860c 07/13/2012 08:15 AM Andreas Müller

remove deletes from PESI export

9c3ea96e 07/09/2012 03:20 PM Andreas Müller


98c464e4 06/25/2012 10:19 AM Katja Luther

minor changes in fauna europaea import (extensions of taxonnames)

3158fa66 06/22/2012 04:27 PM Andreas Müller

refactor PESI Description export to include NameDescriptions correctly

cbd8fc9c 06/22/2012 04:25 PM Andreas Müller

refactor Erms import to include export to PESI

5af9a521 06/22/2012 04:22 PM Andreas Müller

restore default values for activator

ed92bf21 06/22/2012 03:52 PM Andreas Müller

new User for FaunEu

5fa70d24 06/22/2012 03:51 PM Andreas Müller

new User for FE2PESI

cc3ae0a7 06/22/2012 02:52 PM Andreas Müller

update for Spanish Language in some transformers

5947a91a 06/11/2012 10:45 AM Andreas Müller

latest changes for PESI export, moving old IOs to extra package

17c944f0 06/08/2012 01:12 PM Andreas Müller

remove imports

ae8693b7 06/08/2012 12:48 PM Andreas Müller


7d431f85 06/07/2012 07:20 PM Andreas Müller


cac02f6a 06/07/2012 06:18 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for languages and exclude occurrence

a1b11d54 06/07/2012 05:39 PM Andreas Müller

bugfix for NPE