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Revision 5cf75203

Added by Cherian Mathew over 9 years ago

NewTaxonBaseComposite, INewTaxonBaseComposite, INewTaxonBaseComponentListener, NewTaxonBasePresenter : added new component for creating new taxon / synonym
CdmVaadinSessionUtilities : utility class for vaddin session
CdmVaadinUtilities : utility class for general vaadin ui
SQLUtils : utility class for cdm sql containers
CdmQueryFactory : added freeform query to mimic table query and using default id
CdmDataChangeService, CdmChangeEvent, ICdmChangeListener : service which calls registers listeners when events are fired
CdmBaseUI : base cdm ui class, currently manages the cdm data change service
AbstractAuthenticatedUI, AuthenticationView, CdmVaadinConversationalServlet : using CdmVaadinSessionUtilities to set session attributes
CdmSpringContextHelper : using vaadin connection pool and cleanup code
DistributionSelectionPresenter, DistributionTablePresenter : changes coming from update in CdmQueryFactory

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