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Revision 218fbd04

Added by Cherian Mathew over 8 years ago

CdmProgressComponent : Component which indicates progress via text and a progress bar
NewTaxonBaseComposite, StatusComposite : Added taxon name field for synonym creation and using new operation and progress component objects
StatusComposite : Corrections
CdmSQLContainer, LeafNodeTaxonContainer : Moved non-generic methods from CdmSQLContainer to LeafNodeTaxonContainer
StatusPresenter, IStatusComposite : added id filter methods as well as methods to remove all dynamic filters and to refresh the synonym cache
SelectionService : using UI.access to update ui
CdmQueryFactory : removed rank inner join for taxon base query
CdmVaadinOperation : Class which handles async and sync operations
CdmVaadinUtilities : Added methods to run new CdmVaadinOperation objects and to recursively enable / disable components

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