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cdm-vaadin / src / test / resources / h2 @ 0bd9db14

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cdmTest.h2.db 7.06 MB

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0bd9db14 06/05/2017 08:37 PM Andreas Müller

update test schema and test database for vaadin

3df95930 11/04/2016 02:48 PM Andreas Müller

Update test H2 in vaadin to new model

68e1e979 04/28/2016 08:42 PM Andreas Müller

Vaadin H2 test database updated

37c5915e 06/04/2015 02:20 PM Cherian Mathew

updated test db for new model changes and updated test data accordingly

034d3d7a 04/02/2015 10:27 AM Cherian Mathew

testing fixes :
- removed unnecessary config files
- moved h2 test db to test resources folder
- cleaned up unitils properties file
- reverted applicationContext to use persistentTermInitializer

ab04087e 12/15/2014 02:18 PM Cherian Mathew

moved all jetty + cdmlib related stuff (except web.xml) to test

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