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Revision 02ec8d6b

Added by Andreas Kohlbecker over 6 years ago

ref #7059 ref #7046 using kindOfunit for TypeDesisgnations instead of DerivationEvent type and fixing save and LIE problems:
- intoducing EntityCache to allow re-using previously loaded entities
- CdmEntityCache implements EntityCache
- ToOneRelatedEntityReloader to replace entities loaded by the LazySelect
- SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenter implements CachingPresenter so that EnityCache and
ToOneRelatedEntityReloader can interact
- completing init strategies in RegistrationWorkingSetService
- SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenter.saveBean reuses entities stored in entityCache
- introducing SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingSetService

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