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3452f94a 05/22/2015 12:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

modifications to the eclipse launcher

e4e076a1 07/23/2014 04:32 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding contextPathPrefix argument to launcher

6ebe6843 06/06/2013 06:45 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

datasources.xml file is now configurable, the eclipse launcher expects now ~/.cdmLibrary/datasources-cdm-server.xml

9abea1c6 05/14/2013 03:36 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing cdm-server development run mode: server can now run from cdmlib-webapp-source folder and has classpath to all other cdmlib sources set up correctly

439d9913 05/08/2013 01:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

renaming eclipse launchers

148d5e25 05/29/2012 11:06 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing app launcher

f811e581 02/15/2012 12:35 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adding uniqueVersion=false to pom

f714c775 09/06/2011 04:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

launching with jmx support at port 9999

bd661375 04/15/2011 11:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

improved build process & ready for release plugin

6a7a09ef 04/14/2011 11:56 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

using variables instead of fixed paths

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