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c22138fd 03/27/2012 10:27 AM Alex Theys

AT: committing Palm extension changes for the remote server

70f287a3 02/22/2012 10:13 AM Alex Theys

AT: commiting latest changes to the Palm Use data extension

80165c60 02/01/2012 02:56 PM Alex Theys

AT: committing fixes post UAT

83e49892 01/19/2012 03:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

first portal side implementation bits for #2648 (search for misapplied names implemented)

ecdc2421 01/09/2012 03:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merging branches/drupal/Kew_BugFixing#r13341 through branches/drupal/Kew_BugFixing#r13654 into /home/andreas/workspaces/_svn-trunk/drupal/5.x

589fc7f0 01/09/2012 02:08 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

code cleaning

29227508 01/09/2012 02:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


0948552d 12/14/2011 03:06 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

new test including homonymes

57cfb47e 12/14/2011 02:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing whitespace around homonymes

976c9c67 12/14/2011 01:26 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting test to latest code changes

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