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6cf0494e 03/12/2014 12:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating tests to use the domainname instead of the IP-adress

1ec479b5 12/18/2013 10:05 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting isInViewport calculation to new selenium

d979714a 12/17/2013 05:24 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

bug fix

09a69162 12/17/2013 02:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

selenium-tests: automatically taking screenshots of each page tested and updating to selenium 2.39

8e36b31e 11/19/2013 05:44 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

test more robust to php code changes

1ef7687d 08/12/2013 08:42 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting test to new html structure

14a1655f 07/24/2013 12:22 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting test framwork to changes in selenium api

0b606c0d 07/24/2013 11:25 AM Andreas Kohlbecker


fe8220ae 07/22/2013 11:13 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating selenium test code to new api

1cdf975e 04/19/2013 09:45 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

switching to original integration portal locations

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