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4d304392 05/30/2016 05:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing class selector which has been changed in #5790

9185bfdc 05/30/2016 05:37 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing js library jquery.dimensions

faf4f771 05/30/2016 05:35 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing js library jquery.scrollTo

b0adfd32 05/30/2016 05:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

#5790 classification breadcrumb children implemented

28bd7c97 09/16/2015 04:36 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

moving content of folder 7.x up to the repository root

36311992 11/14/2011 12:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reorganizing drupal sub repository: sparate folders per version 5.x, 6.x & 7.x

9bc4c84b 01/27/2011 03:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #2135 by solving a bug with jquery in mozilla

b4782014 12/09/2010 01:18 PM Francisco Revilla

hot fix for IE, Ticket #2135

806baeb2 03/19/2010 03:24 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

refactoring i.e. splitting the themes file

24b09d7c 06/17/2009 11:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

re-implementation for v2.0 mostly complete

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