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0807b51a 02/28/2013 10:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

taking screenshot of illicium during test run

46ca8bd6 02/25/2013 08:20 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

default picture for missing images

d5f0e39e 02/25/2013 08:20 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing image url paths

fc13aa30 02/22/2013 04:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing last bug related to #2890 (Classification switch not working when not signed-in before)

c9ffb64e 02/22/2013 01:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

upgrading to selenium 2.30.0

61b6ee11 02/22/2013 01:35 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

searching on all classifications now possible and fixing some bugs related to #2896

dbf4b8a8 02/20/2013 03:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing #2896 (Classification switch should affect search results)

308b5f90 02/20/2013 03:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

moving function to other file

aa366c44 02/19/2013 06:35 PM Patric Plitzner
  • added description for drupal caching mechanism
    • fixed typos
9438ad3a 02/15/2013 06:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

dataportal side implementation for #3305 (Collect images via taxon relations)

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