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522a5b8c 06/05/2018 05:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7451 fixing outdated search URIs, hiding fairchild, adding ggbn

fc950359 06/04/2018 08:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6659 fixing bug, media created is now shown

11fdb92e 06/01/2018 11:17 AM Patrick Plitzner

Do not show specimen table if no data available

e3059327 05/16/2018 12:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6659 showing mediaCreated by default

17993bbd 05/16/2018 11:48 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6659 showing mediaCreated by default

59ef934f 03/20/2018 02:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

spanisch translation 'Claves de identificación'

018cd7f8 02/19/2018 11:32 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6679 fixing bugs in misapplied name processing

eebf415b 02/15/2018 01:25 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6679 fixing bugs in misapplied name processing and adding sensu reference

023c4a03 02/07/2018 01:43 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #6075 harmonize code

80f34166 02/07/2018 01:22 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6075 Move auto-suggest setting to search settings

59824084 01/11/2018 01:39 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7164 upgrading swfobjetct.js to fix flash detection in chrome and edge

2a7eb586 12/04/2017 04:59 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


f6408572 12/04/2017 04:59 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7108 supressing unwanted sourcetype in general

425a0672 11/24/2017 03:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing order of preference in of media metadata for Author

fe1b1203 11/22/2017 10:45 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

Changing label from 'Available classification' to 'Default classification' and better form element description

2f55de7d 10/11/2017 08:32 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

harmonizing class attributes of typedesignations

eaff53f7 09/27/2017 03:26 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6985 displaying registration metadata in footnotes and with taxonName

05c57463 09/25/2017 12:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6815 using space as separator for idNamespace + idInSource

673929dd 09/22/2017 11:53 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6969 fixing bug in preferred media calculation

02faa087 09/22/2017 10:39 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6969 using the size defined in settings to use the preferred representation

  • also using a workaround to circumvent the problem decribed in ref #6970
7535252d 09/21/2017 04:44 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6959 displaying Registration entities in phycobank block

5dc25a7d 08/02/2017 05:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6877 fetch full media object to compensate bug in portal/taxon/{uuid}/media

3e6dfbb3 08/02/2017 04:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6877

207acc48 08/01/2017 04:09 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6684 using high quality images for the lightbox overlay

8afd66b3 08/01/2017 10:24 AM Andreas Müller

ref #6840 adapt some German translations to context

a16b56ce 07/31/2017 04:51 PM Andreas Müller

ref #6840 translating dataportal to German / all terms also translated in Spanish

9e72b600 07/24/2017 11:07 AM Patrick Plitzner

Change settings default

fe19a89b 07/21/2017 02:59 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


2ba9f91d 07/21/2017 02:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6840 adding german translation file

423f5e58 07/18/2017 06:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

improving setting documentation of taxon layout tabs

3e2af8c2 07/18/2017 05:45 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6817 'Back to Image' only shown when the HTTP referrer is a cdm_dataportal taxon page

63d5030d 07/18/2017 05:21 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6818 display of media representations in the media page now optional \n also deleting useless media gallery settings ref #6822

22383f95 07/18/2017 03:26 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6820 synonymy can be placed in the general page instead of being a tab

b9e9f59b 07/18/2017 02:17 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6831 feature item glue can be set in the admin UI

907cc9b4 07/17/2017 06:14 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6816 Enhance layout and specimen title

4204e470 07/17/2017 05:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating Sinonimía in spanish translation

fa09fe7d 07/17/2017 04:27 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6816 add line break before type information

48b1eaa7 07/17/2017 03:59 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6816 Show URL of stable identifier

4946eebf 06/21/2017 06:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6683 bugfixes in image viewer

4fa6f9ba 06/21/2017 05:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6683 using cdm_preferred_media_representations for image viewer and fixing bugs in that method

c2545e1c 06/07/2017 06:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6700 using nameType to distinguish name render part definitions

e251b6d6 06/07/2017 05:18 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6700 partially reverting 102f8c26 (updating default name render part definitions and adding status checks)

128e8a65 06/07/2017 05:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing order of media title sources

102f8c26 06/07/2017 03:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6700 updating default name render part definitions and adding status checks

b20f6a5f 06/07/2017 01:41 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6700 adapting annotation fetch function to merged TaxonName class

6b294c11 06/01/2017 09:29 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

Improving no taxon message on name page

5415eac2 05/30/2017 10:24 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

avoiding access to non existing array entry

2dc774be 05/23/2017 10:42 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

settings for untiled wms layers

4213b101 05/19/2017 02:23 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6653 adding stamen terrain and OpenTopoMap base layers

c266a8fe 05/18/2017 04:29 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6651 showing the protologe icon directly after the nom.ref. - new default

31f0f2b8 05/18/2017 04:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

improving documentation on Original Source in bibliography settings

46de7f4c 05/17/2017 06:34 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6608 removing to narrow default and allowing to define the maxZoom level per admin settings

8720969e 05/17/2017 06:07 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6608 increasing consistence of projection and bbox handling

4407c9a7 05/17/2017 04:56 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


b92bf608 05/17/2017 04:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker


a84e1925 05/17/2017 04:39 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing shut down edit map server

46273e37 05/11/2017 03:19 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/6614_cdm_taxontree' into develop

dbda0d74 05/05/2017 08:15 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

better map preview by limiting max width

5af28d20 05/03/2017 06:14 PM Saskia Gennrich

ref #6614: icons to travers taxontree appear correctly.

fixes the regex so $3 correctly includes the double-quote rather than $2.
The distinction for mozilla is therefore no longer needed.

a74e8bf2 05/02/2017 08:12 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6573 minor bug fix

  • proper handling of missing settings
0a96561f 04/27/2017 06:04 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6573 fixing overlay layer zindex and removing flora-cuba hack

79f1762d 04/27/2017 05:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6303 using same projection for overlays as for baselayer

cb961f9d 04/27/2017 02:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6573 wms overlay layer and some bugfixes:

  • bug: base layers added multiple times - fixed
  • problems in settings documentation solved
31765b7b 04/27/2017 10:18 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing typo

045fb441 03/27/2017 12:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing missing html support in descriptions of image gallery settings

0e7cb43d 03/27/2017 11:35 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

Powered by EDIT block enabled by default

46a02272 03/20/2017 08:30 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

changing block title from 'Funded by EDIT' to 'CDM - Powered by EDIT'

63f6d312 03/08/2017 01:27 PM Saskia Gennrich

ref #6432 more fine tuned inclusion of css.

CSS rules for admin/config/cdm_dataportal/settings are included
on all settings rule.
CSS rules for the debug block are attached to the debug block.

e5f17100 03/02/2017 11:43 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6431 fixing extlinks for genus pages

9e7ae433 03/02/2017 11:39 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6431 adding missing class attribute for pseudoFeatures

a2196313 03/02/2017 11:06 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

improving documentation

8fc089e1 03/01/2017 12:49 PM Saskia Gennrich

ref #6432 apply css only to non-admin pages

29f63b48 03/01/2017 11:48 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6442 p tags as additional option to enclose description elements with

2ce2594a 03/01/2017 11:38 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6375 removing 'sensu' from footnote text

7a7b09d4 02/03/2017 01:43 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing 2 bugs in media caption creation

1b756c5f 02/01/2017 01:54 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6392 test for uses and use records and refactoring of the uses feature block

  • fixing wrong assumptions for cyprus
  • bibliography as pseudo feature block better testable
b9a4f351 02/01/2017 09:24 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6392 problems in selenium tests for palmweb solved

  • disabled test active again
  • splitting huge test method into multiple
  • trimming reference citation strings in theme method
  • replacing old custom reference ciatation string by generically string as provided by the cdm
bf4b3dfa 02/01/2017 09:18 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

using glue string for distribution list
and using this for palmweb to make the original layout working again

4295d33d 01/31/2017 04:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6374 moving cdm_block_use_description_content to includes files

d192702d 01/31/2017 04:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6374 using the correct feature block settings for use descriptions

4feafea8 01/31/2017 02:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6374 fixing messed up UUIDs and harmonizing use descriptions block creation

99f17fa9 01/31/2017 02:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixing type in documentation

d3616f2c 01/30/2017 04:43 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6398 adapting dataportal to harmonized description related taxon service endpoints

20541fd4 01/30/2017 12:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merge tag '4.5.3' into develop

tag for hotfix release 4.5.3

caab0bd2 01/30/2017 12:02 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6397 ref #4379 fixing empty feature block content detection

a24ddafd 01/30/2017 10:55 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

removing invalid uuid constant

c9b3fcf5 01/24/2017 03:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6382 option to supply user credentials in the admin setting for the freetext index

3443cc03 01/23/2017 04:39 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6374 fixing hard-coded uses feature uuid

28ec5a3e 01/23/2017 04:26 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

avoiding error in feature block generation for bibliography and other sythetic features

0a706e80 01/20/2017 08:01 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

solving scrollTo problems in taxontree

93115722 01/20/2017 10:51 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #4490 automatic menu cache refresh after tab label changes

09e628ea 01/19/2017 06:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #6349 media description separate from title

67a5cafa 01/19/2017 05:53 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #4223 dynamically added phrase search parentheses must not be stored in the SESSION

38753115 01/19/2017 05:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

classification search filter was no longer stored in the session

7d42c393 01/13/2017 11:08 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

solving probelms with search parameters not being remembered

b3d49e6e 01/13/2017 10:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #4223 lucene based taxon search always as phrase search

103a1463 01/13/2017 10:48 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

typos and fixing messages

8bb9f541 01/12/2017 10:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #4223 fixing request uri for accepted taxa
solves problem 1) in issue

a1493182 01/12/2017 05:36 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6301 sources as inline elements on media page - bugfix

f79d32d6 01/12/2017 04:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6301 sources as inline elements on media page