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b0cdc514 07/08/2019 03:14 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

initializing variable

40360e37 07/08/2019 03:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

adapting tests to modified portal code

25201777 07/08/2019 02:10 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #8320 fixing buggy implementation of icon links to references in theme function

2ffe4d59 06/28/2019 02:04 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #8320 links to references as appended icon & custom icon font set
- theme method extended by second doIconLink attribute
- all usages of the theme methods with icon link except for reference result lists
- refrerences in type designation footnotes now with icon link...

44707ee3 06/26/2019 06:38 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6316 refactoring for cleaner original source code - bug fix

27bceb70 06/26/2019 05:09 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6316 fixing two layout issues:
- html was processes as plain text
- removing URI from titlecache when type is WebPage

bb93d5d1 06/26/2019 04:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6316 refactoring for cleaner original source code

c714960c 09/20/2018 01:56 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #7778 display of doi and other identifiers in taxon relations section

723aa98c 08/03/2018 06:42 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #7611 adding clickable external link to media specimen types with uri

05c57463 09/25/2017 12:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6815 using space as separator for idNamespace + idInSource

b9a4f351 02/01/2017 09:24 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #6392 problems in selenium tests for palmweb solved
- disabled test active again
- splitting huge test method into multiple
- trimming reference citation strings in theme method
- replacing old custom reference ciatation string by generically string as provided by the cdm

c7f92453 11/29/2016 03:46 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

ref #3061 using the full publication timePeriod instead of only start

a9ed34ad 11/28/2016 10:30 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

fix #5844 persistent stable identifier clickable
- clickable in specimen tab
- implementation harmonized in specimen table ref #5515

9867492a 05/31/2016 12:47 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

Merge branch 'hotfix/3.12.1' into develop


0a288588 04/19/2016 01:49 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

#5723 fixing several problems with the reference page

d5577d1e 04/19/2016 01:05 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

moving method to includes/

b2ebf0d3 04/19/2016 01:03 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

turning theme method theme_cdm_reference_pager into simple markup method

87b304a7 04/18/2016 02:32 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

refactoring: refactored functions moved into includes

b7a20282 04/18/2016 11:49 AM Andreas Kohlbecker

refactoring: reducing amount of theme functions, functions moved into includes/

cf10fd88 03/09/2016 01:34 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating doi rendering to new cdm model structure

9091d35a 03/09/2016 01:33 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

updating doi rendering to new cdm model structure

28bd7c97 09/16/2015 04:36 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

moving content of folder 7.x up to the repository root

36311992 11/14/2011 12:28 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

reorganizing drupal sub repository: sparate folders per version 5.x, 6.x & 7.x

ecf626bd 06/01/2011 05:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

new FAQ + and more

02ac0e5c 05/31/2011 06:31 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

TODO comment

95134a7b 06/02/2010 03:12 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

fixed related to #7151

0fadbefb 05/28/2010 03:40 PM Francisco Revilla

small reference layout change

755b1ccc 05/27/2010 01:11 PM Francisco Revilla


47598ec2 05/26/2010 01:44 PM Francisco Revilla

added "et al." to descriptions references

b5e773ef 05/05/2010 03:57 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

#392 CICHORIEAE display notes & #1483 references for distributions as footnotes

15f11e83 05/05/2010 12:59 PM Francisco Revilla

solving bug with taxon name page (related with drupal_go_to and synonyms/acceptedtaxon)

48650990 05/03/2010 03:51 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

more footnotes

3147f061 04/30/2010 11:26 AM Francisco Revilla

misc changes on layout

806baeb2 03/19/2010 03:24 PM Andreas Kohlbecker

refactoring i.e. splitting the themes file

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