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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9792 task Closed New remove ePic from ext-links Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.27 cdm-dataportal external-links
9782 task Closed New Adapt abbreviation and idInVoc for rank "proles" Andreas Müller Release 5.27 cdm
9752 task Closed Highest Import for Flora of Mexico Andreas Müller data mexico
9744 task Closed Highest Find suitable name for the Freetext- or Name-Editor Andreas Müller Release 5.27 taxeditor
9715 task Closed Highest Specimen Tree View: option to choose summaryLabel or collectingString for fieldUnit label Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.26 cdm-dataportal specimens-view-tree
9678 task Closed Highest Remove Derived- and FieldUnitFacadeCacheStrategies Andreas Müller Release 5.25 cdmlib
9666 task Closed Highest cdm_tokens module Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.25 cdm-dataportal external-links
9659 task Closed Highest External Links Module reimplemented for flexible configuration Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.25 cdm-dataportal external-links
9624 task Closed Highest Centralize team formatting and fix et al. position handling Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdmlib formatting
9623 task Closed New Remove TaxonBaseShortSecCacheStrategy Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdmlib formatting
9617 task Closed New Rename ICNB to ICNP Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdm
9614 task Closed New Use underscore as word separator for all role based groups Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdm permission
9607 task Closed Highest read image metadata from MediaInfoService if available Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.23 cdmlib
9604 task Closed New Split bibliographic reference cache strategy and nomenclatural formatter + orginal source formatter Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdmlib formatting
9595 task Closed Priority14 Use DerivedUnit or DnaSample for DnaSampleGeneralDetailElement Katja Luther Release 5.23 taxeditor
9594 task Closed New Use MediaSpecimen as input for MediaSpecimenGeneralDetailElement Andreas Müller Release 5.23 taxeditor
9579 task Worksforme Highest restore css3pie if needed Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal
9576 task Rejected Highest Add tests for homotypic group name comparator Katja Luther cdmlib
9567 task Closed New Unify HomotypicGroupTaxonComparator and HomotypicGroupNameComparator Andreas Müller Release 5.22 cdmlib
9558 task Closed New General tests for cdmlight export Andreas Müller Release 5.22 cdmlib cdmlight export
9536 task Closed Highest Remove old single source citation and microCitation columns for secundum and DescriptionElementBase_OriginalSourceBase and TaxonName_NomenclaturalStatus Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdm
9528 task Worksforme Priority14 synonymy: missplied names sensu with short authorship string Andreas Müller cdm-dataportal euro+med
9490 task Closed Highest avoid rank entity in TaxonNameParts Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.22 cdmlib phycobank
9458 task Closed Highest Consider lower zoom level as default Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.22 cdm-dataportal map
9451 task Closed Highest Cache strategy for classifications is missing Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdmlib
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