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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10414 task Closed New Remove Georgian subdivisions from Euro+Med Andreas Müller data euro+med caucasus Actions
10356 task Closed Highest Combine Caryophyllales data portals Andreas Müller Release 5.40 cdm-dataportal caryophyllales Actions
10308 task Closed Highest Show IUCN "distribution" data separately Katja Luther Release 5.38 cdmlib euro+med Actions
10302 task Closed Highest Revise Status section Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdm-vaadin phycobank-ready-for-submitters phycobank Actions
10295 task Closed Priority14 Parse verbatim year in reference Andreas Müller Release 5.37 cdmlib parser formatting Actions
10242 task Closed Highest Import Sileneae Andreas Müller cdmadapter caryophyllales import Actions
10232 task Closed Highest Import Finnish common names Andreas Müller cdmadapter import euro+med tettris Actions
10224 task Closed Highest Import Kew Nyctaginaceae data to Caryophyllales Andreas Müller cdmadapter import caryophyllales mexico Actions
10222 task Closed Highest Use DTOs for portal taxon page - first implementation for E+M Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdm-dataportal performance euro+med Actions
10220 task Closed New Remove SpecimenCdmExcelImport and EndnoteImport in TaxEditor Katja Luther Release 5.36 taxeditor Actions
10205 task Closed Highest Update GBIF import to modern json library. Katja Luther Release 5.36 cdmlib Actions
10201 task Closed Priority14 Make synonym type an enum Andreas Müller Release 5.35 cdm terms Actions
10189 task Closed Priority14 Split CdmApplicationController into repository and application part Katja Luther Release 5.35 cdmlib remoting Actions
10183 task Closed Highest Import Buxales via Cdm2Cdm Andreas Müller cdmadapter import Actions
10095 task Closed New Synchronize dependency versions in CdmServer Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmserver Actions
10091 task Closed New Add stacktrace to JSON repsonse Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmlib-remote debug Actions
10072 task Closed Priority14 Upgrade fully to log4j2 Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmlib Actions
10067 task Closed Priority14 Update to hibernate 5.4 (or higher) and hibernate search 5.11 and lucene 5.5 Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmlib Actions
10015 task Duplicate New Cleanup EDIT server pages on BDI notes Andreas Müller server-maintenance Actions
10010 task Closed Highest Install Spanish for Mexico Eflora dataportal Katja Luther Release 5.32 cdm-dataportal mexico i18n Actions
10009 task Closed Priority14 Cleanup dependencies in TaxEditor Andreas Müller Release 5.32 taxeditor Actions
10000 task Closed Highest Celebrate ticket no. 10,000 Andreas Müller Release 5.31 platform Actions
9999 task Closed Priority14 Improve formatting for referencing objects of descriptive data Andreas Müller Release 5.31 cdmlib formatting mexico Actions
9998 task Closed Highest Update image links for cyprus Andreas Müller Release 5.31 data Actions
9994 task Closed New Tasks from documentation meeting 3/22 Andreas Müller Release 5.32 documentation Actions
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