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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9740 bug Worksforme New Adapt Motive(Motif) to Subject in data portal Andreas Müller cdm-dataportal fast Actions
9468 bug Worksforme Highest specimen type of existing name cannot be saved Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
9162 bug Worksforme Highest Registration page: Typedesignation missing Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal Actions
9073 bug Worksforme New Configuring the matrix view throws HTTP invoker exception Katja Luther taxeditor additivity matrix Actions
9012 bug Worksforme New Taxon Navigator does not refresh after moving a taxon between classifications Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8970 bug Worksforme New Moving a taxon to another position often closes the parent nodes Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8846 bug Worksforme Highest Correctly parsed nomenclatural reference uncorrectly saved when taxon has relationship Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8837 bug Worksforme New Name editor is not updated after change accepted to synonym Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8831 bug Worksforme New saving name editor throws NPE Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8824 bug Worksforme New No dirty flag when adding new factual data set Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8816 bug Worksforme Highest NoSuchElementException during adding Specimens to Matrix Editor Andreas Kohlbecker taxeditor additivity Actions
8806 bug Worksforme New Multiple representations problem on saving Desriptive Data Set Katja Luther Release 5.15 taxeditor multiple-representations-problem Actions
8804 bug Worksforme New taxeditor hangs when creating a new classification Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8752 bug Worksforme New Matrix Editor: Can fail showing all SpecimenDescriptions in the dataset Katja Luther Release 5.15 taxeditor additivity Actions
8723 bug Worksforme New Distribution detailsview: changing the area removes the state Katja Luther taxeditor fast Actions
8605 bug Worksforme New ClassCastException in Feature editor when adding new Defined Term Andreas Kohlbecker taxeditor Actions
8579 bug Worksforme Highest Search in PhycoBank Portal with error Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal phycobank Actions
8567 bug Worksforme Highest registration search results: cdm_compose_url(): missing pathParameter 0 for !uri_pattern Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
8337 bug Worksforme Priority14 internal error, name type status missing, reference in name type not updated Wolf-Henning Kusber cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
8329 bug Worksforme Highest Multiple representations exception when adding name relationship with already existing author Andreas Müller taxeditor euro+med multiple-representations-problem Actions
8231 bug Worksforme Highest Name relation non Wolf-Henning Kusber cdm-dataportal phycobank Actions
8227 bug Worksforme New PhycoBank UI and Safari Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
8154 bug Worksforme Highest NameController.doGetTaggedName fails due to [UPDATE] not permitted for 'anonymousUser' on Person Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib-remote permission phycobank Actions
8043 bug Worksforme Highest ConstraintViolationException in distribution editor Andreas Müller taxeditor Actions
8018 bug Worksforme Highest Registration page: scientific names in the citation to be shown in italics Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal phycobank Actions
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