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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9756 bug Duplicate New Footnote key placement in hierarchical distributions improved Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal Actions
9723 bug Duplicate New Specimen tree editor: Function of "Link with taxon selection" in context menu unclear Katja Luther taxeditor UI Actions
9672 bug Duplicate New NPE when CDMPreference contains allowOverride=NULL Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.25 data Actions
9486 bug Duplicate New Fallback areas not handled in area hierarchy are not showing up correctly if subarea data exists Andreas Müller cdmlib Actions
9343 bug Duplicate New Open issues for DTO based term tree & character editor Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
9247 bug Duplicate New Link with taxon does not work correctly Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
9149 bug Duplicate Highest NPE when saving hybrid formula Andreas Müller taxeditor Actions
9096 bug Duplicate Highest LazyInitializationException (LIE) in DescriptionElementListController.getDescriptionElementsForTaxon() Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib-remote Actions
8923 bug Duplicate New NullPointerException (NPE) after attempt to save invalid Group name Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8915 bug Duplicate Highest ID in Vocabulary is not shown in term editor Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8833 bug Duplicate Highest distribution editor: Exception when filtering by taxon Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib Actions
8763 bug Duplicate New Remaining issues for "Move term" in term editor Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8751 bug Duplicate Highest Replace saveOrUpdate() in AbstractTermTreeEditor Andreas Müller taxeditor Actions
8735 bug Duplicate New Character Node Editor: allow line breaks at slashes in structure representation Katja Luther taxeditor UI Actions
8732 bug Duplicate New Descriptive Data Set Navigator: label not refreshed after change in Descriptive Dataset Editor Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.12 taxeditor UI Actions
8663 bug Duplicate New LIE when trying to save a tree node Andreas Müller taxeditor additivity Actions
8660 bug Duplicate New Generic menu creation for Term trees Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8626 bug Duplicate New NullPointerException (NPE) on saving Specimen Editor (list) Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8593 bug Duplicate New Name editor: wrong context menu for synonyms Katja Luther taxeditor UX Actions
8536 bug Duplicate New Connect Dialog: UI elements exceed the available space Katja Luther taxeditor Actions
8525 bug Duplicate New search for infraspecific name not working as expected Andreas Kohlbecker UTIS 1.4 utis Actions
8521 bug Duplicate New User details view: Change password button accessible for ROLE_USER_MANAGER Katja Luther taxeditor permission phycobank Actions
8374 bug Duplicate Highest Save genus generated for a species with a different reference Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
8327 bug Duplicate New record with publication date is competing with curation status, set to preparation or curation Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal phycobank Actions
8277 bug Duplicate New Username (and other fields) should allow c&p Katja Luther taxeditor fast Actions
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