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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9360 bug Feedback Highest Parsed hybrids can not be persisted Katja Luther Release 5.19 taxeditor Actions
9245 bug Feedback Highest Creating derived units from existing derived unit is not possible in specimen tree editor Katja Luther Release 5.35 taxeditor Actions
9055 bug Feedback Highest Relabel "Type Designation" to "Type Information" Andreas Müller Release 5.15 taxeditor Actions
9007 bug Feedback Highest Enable i18n support for media description UI Katja Luther Release 5.32 taxeditor greece i18n Actions
8848 bug Feedback Highest Search fails with low data rate network (64kbit/s) network connection due to lost authentication Andreas Müller Release 5.13 taxeditor security permission Actions
8788 bug Feedback Highest Cloned descriptions do not show up in dataportal anymore Andreas Müller Release 5.12 cdmlib additivity Actions
8601 bug Feedback New checkbox lists in preferences - button to expand, collapse, ... not functional Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor Usability Actions
8562 bug Feedback New Remaining issues for preference pages Katja Luther Release 5.13 taxeditor preferences Actions
8516 bug Feedback New Specimen editor (list) can not find FieldUnits with data only in protected titleCache Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor Usability UX Actions
8343 bug Feedback New potential timezone problem in application stack Andreas Müller Release 5.34 cdmlib phycobank Actions
8170 bug Feedback New javax.sql.DataSource.getConnection() implementation in WrappedCdmDataSource does not conform to the interface Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib Actions
8088 bug Feedback Highest Open taxon node wizard issues Katja Luther Release 5.8 taxeditor Actions
7953 bug Feedback New Book in BookSeries: incomplete titleCache misses series title Andreas Müller Release 5.7 cdmlib phycobank formatting Actions
7940 bug Feedback New "New" menu in navigator not available for certain users Andreas Müller Release 5.5 taxeditor caryophyllales Actions
7818 bug Feedback Priority14 TaxonRelationshipsDTOTest leaves test environment in unpredictable state Andreas Müller Release 5.4 cdmlib test Actions
7756 bug Feedback Highest org.hibernate.QueryException in portal/taxon/{uuid}/subtree/media.json webservice related to relation direction param in prepareTaxonRelationshipQuery() Andreas Müller Release 5.3 cdmlib Actions
7709 bug Feedback Highest CdmTransientEntityCacher cannot handle multiple unpersisted entities of the same type Katja Luther Release 5.16 cdmlib Actions
7667 bug Feedback Highest NoHttpResponseException for large queries in bulk editor Andreas Müller Release 5.3 taxeditor RemoteAccessException Actions
7176 bug Feedback New published=false for Taxon where the according TaxonName is associated with an unpublished Registration Andreas Müller Release 5.34 cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
6784 bug Feedback Priority08 Right click menu in Specimen Editor appears after Details View refresh Andreas Müller Reviewed Next Major Release taxeditor Actions
6241 bug Feedback Highest fix java doc problems in projects Andreas Müller Reviewed Next Major Release cdmlib jdk1.8 Actions
5868 bug Feedback Highest re-establish support for wildcard at start of query string (includes the query string '*' ) Andreas Müller Release 5.3 cdmlib search Actions
4879 bug Feedback New concept relationship annotations not shown in the portal Andreas Müller Release 5.34 cdm-dataportal Actions
4307 bug Feedback Highest User with permission group 'Editor' cannot create new authorteam via wizzard Andreas Müller Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor permission security euro+med migration Actions
3511 bug Feedback New errors are not cleared after reloading the configuration Andreas Müller Release 5.34 cdmserver Actions
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