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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9017 task Resolved New Update image link for FoG Willing images Andreas Müller Release 5.15 data image-viewer Actions
8907 task Resolved Highest replace UuidAndTitleCacheTaxonComparator by type save implementation Andreas Müller Release 5.14 cdmlib Actions
8786 task Resolved Highest Display of mean value with min max Norbert Kilian Release 5.12 cdm-dataportal additivity Actions
8437 task Resolved Priority14 ITermTreeService provides a list method which supports filtering by TermTree.termType, Andreas Müller Release 5.9 cdmlib Actions
8262 task Resolved Priority13 Handle language area Wales correctly Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration data euro+med Actions
8209 task Resolved Highest use ellypsed references for all reference comboboxes Wolf-Henning Kusber Release 5.7 cdm-vaadin phycobank Actions
7811 task Resolved Highest Import higher classifications Wolf-Henning Kusber Release 5.5 data phycobank Actions
7798 task Resolved Highest [AM, ERS]: Import (freetext) nameInSource correctly Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
7796 task Resolved Priority14 [CHECK] Handle Bibliography Name Facts correctly Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
7515 task Resolved Highest TypeDesignationStatusComparator to sort by vocabulary first and then by term order Andreas Müller Release 5.6 taxeditor Actions
7455 task Resolved Highest [Check] Check all markers for correctnes Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
7341 task Resolved Highest [Check] CommonName import issues Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
7319 task Resolved Highest [CHECK] Import synonyms correctly in E+M Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med Actions
7316 task Resolved Highest [E+M] Handle name relations correctly Andreas Müller Euro+Med Portal Release data euro+med Actions
7216 task Resolved Highest Import pteridophyta for Cuba checklist Andreas Müller Release 4.13 cdmadapter cuba import Actions
6286 task Resolved Highest Import Flora Hellenica Andreas Müller Release 4.9 cdmadapter import greece Actions
3560 task Resolved Highest Withheld unpublished taxa from webservice used in E+M dataportal Andreas Müller Release 5.1 cdmlib-remote phycobank euro+med search security permission Actions

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