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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
4107 task New Highest Deleting taxa and stable IDs [DISCUSS] Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
4074 feature request In Progress Priority14 [MASTER] Setup testing framework for remoting Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor Actions
4022 feature request New Priority13 One click installer for TaxEditor Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor Actions
4021 feature request Feedback New H2 running in Server mode Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib h2 Actions
4014 feature request New Priority13 User friendly way to assign Authority Roles to users or to Groups Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
4009 task New Priority14 consider using jackson as json library Andreas Müller Release 5.33 cdmlib-remote performance Actions
3992 bug Resolved Highest [CHECK] Use last scrutiny instead of sec reference Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration data euro+med migration Actions
3989 feature request Resolved Highest [DISCUSS] Allow defining the vocabularies to be offered in the select dialogs Andreas Müller Release 5.4 taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3982 feature request New Highest Update name in source data when moving a Description to another Taxon Katja Luther Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3955 feature request New Highest Are TermVocabularies URIs needed Andreas Müller CDM UML 5.32 cdm additivity Actions
3871 feature request New New Implement correct undo actions when data has not yet been saved Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor Usability Actions
3804 bug Resolved Highest E+M import Person titles contain Object.toSting() representations Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3788 bug New Highest sort order of search results broken in free-text taxon search Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3764 feature request Resolved Priority11 Improve formatting for reference type Section Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdmlib formatting Actions
3756 feature request New Highest Missing data and layout improvements for MediaSpecimen in data portal Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal specimen-page specimens-view-tree Actions
3749 task In Progress Priority14 Check if all molecular data is shown correctly in data portal [also DISCUSS] Andreas Müller Release 5.34 cdm-dataportal specimen-page Actions
3732 bug New Priority14 adapt DerivedUnitBaseDetailElement and PreservationMethodMenuPreferences to cdm model changes Katja Luther Release 5.35 taxeditor review2014-07-12 Actions
3709 feature request Resolved Highest [E+M][Editor] sufficient rights management for E+M workflow Andreas Müller Release 5.34 taxeditor euro+med migration permission Actions
3707 feature request New Priority13 Implement Measurement Unit in common Ontology (e.g. QUDT) Andreas Müller CDM UML 5.32 cdm additivity Actions
3697 feature request New Priority11 Distinguish display of fossil and "normal" occurrence records in specimen map Andreas Kohlbecker Reviewed Next Major Release cdm-dataportal map corvidae Actions
3685 feature request In Progress Priority11 Open tissue sample and molecular issues Andreas Müller CDM UML 5.32 cdm Actions
3635 bug New New Protologue media should also be displayed when mime type is missing Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal image-viewer Actions
3630 feature request New Highest Taxeditor should add mimetype of mediaRepresentations automatically Katja Luther Release 5.34 taxeditor review2014-07-12 mexico fast Actions
3585 feature request New Highest Implement "Heismann Tool" Katja Luther Euro+Med post migration cdmadapter euro+med migration Actions
3564 bug New Priority09 Image metadata in lightbox not loaded in some cases Andreas Kohlbecker Reviewed Next Major Release cdm-dataportal image-viewer Actions
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