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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
6730 bug Feedback Highest Deleting media leads to inconsistent data Katja Luther Release 4.10 taxeditor
6797 bug Resolved New Use short sec citation for misapplied name in NameEditor Andreas Müller Release 4.10 taxeditor
6812 feature request Feedback Highest Improve TaxEditor download site Fabian Reimeier Release 4.10 documentation
6974 feature request Resolved Highest improve the io wizards Andreas Müller Release 4.11 taxeditor
7021 bug Resolved Highest CREATE permission not sufficient to save new TaxonName entity Andreas Müller Release 4.11 cdmlib permission phycobank
7056 feature request Resolved Priority14 Media View should show Preview Andreas Müller Release 4.11 taxeditor
6606 task Resolved Highest Import Bogota specimen data Andreas Müller Release 4.12 cdmadapter
6955 bug Feedback Highest NamedAreaSelection Dialog needs to be adapted to filtered getUuidAndTitleCache loading Katja Luther Release 4.12 cdmlib
6965 feature request In Progress Highest Tropicos Import Andreas Müller Release 4.12 cdmadapter import
7097 feature request Resolved New Internationalization for distribution editor Andreas Müller Release 4.12 cdm-vaadin
7098 bug Feedback Highest reuse name does not work Katja Luther Release 4.12 taxeditor
7108 bug Feedback New supress unwanted sourcetypes in handle_annotations_and_sources() Andreas Kohlbecker Release 4.12 cdm-dataportal greece
7121 feature request Feedback Highest adapt remaining UuidAndTitleCache methods to use filter Katja Luther Release 4.12 cdmlib
7124 bug In Progress Highest Avoiding multiple repesentation exceptions by removing the conversation from selection dialogs Katja Luther Release 4.12 taxeditor
6800 feature request Feedback New Allow all filters for DwCA export in TaxEditor Katja Luther Release 4.13 taxeditor
7158 feature request Resolved New Add pro parte misapplied name to the concept relationship types Andreas Kohlbecker Release 4.13 cdm
7176 bug Resolved New published=false for Taxon where the according TaxonName is associated with an unpublished Registration Andreas Kohlbecker Release 4.13 cdm-vaadin phycobank
7183 bug Feedback Priority14 Creating a new reference in bulk editor the focus is not set to the newly created entity Katja Luther Release 4.13 taxeditor
7212 bug Resolved Highest CacheLoader replaces loaded entities with uninitialized proxies Andreas Müller Release 4.13 cdmlib phycobank
7216 task Resolved Highest Import pteridophyta for Cuba checklist Andreas Müller Release 4.13 cdmadapter cuba import
7013 bug Resolved Highest NonUniqueObjectException for setSecundumReferenceForSubtree Andreas Müller Release 4.14 taxeditor
7262 feature request Resolved Highest add progress monitor to csv print export and cdm light export Andreas Müller Release 4.14 cdmlib
6804 bug Resolved New Order areas in Distribution Selection Editor Andreas Müller Release 5.0 taxeditor
7244 feature request Resolved New DistributionStatus editor help Andreas Müller Release 5.0 cdm-vaadin
7284 bug Resolved New Multiple taxeditor jars created in p2 update for a single jenkins build Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.0 taxeditor
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