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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9689 task New New External Links Module: Tests implemented Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal test selenium
9460 task New New REST API tests Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib-remote cleanup cdmlib-remote test
9188 feature request Closed Highest selenium web element wrapper for dynabox Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdm-dataportal selenium test
9181 feature request Closed Highest set and get drupal variables from selenium test suite Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdm-dataportal test selenium
8189 bug Closed Highest Allow configuration of 'user.home' via the spring environment Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.7 cdmlib phycobank test
8188 bug Closed New Allow configuring hibernate properties via properties file Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.6 cdm-vaadin phycobank test selenium
8174 bug New Priority14 First test fails if term data is in loaded DataSet Andreas Müller Release 5.27 cdmlib test
8093 feature request Closed Highest harmonize registrationId links and make tesing easier Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.6 cdm-dataportal phycobank test
7818 bug Feedback Priority14 TaxonRelationshipsDTOTest leaves test environment in unpredictable state Andreas Müller Release 5.4 cdmlib test
7795 task Closed New untilis xml DataSets creation without "[NULL]" values Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.4 cdmlib test
7685 feature request Closed Highest Add Selenium tests for specimen table in data portal Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.18 cdm-dataportal campanula selenium test pp_uebergabe
7356 task In Progress Priority14 setup selenium test suite for cdm-vaadin Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.26 cdm-vaadin phycobank test selenium
7347 task New New Generic test suite to monitor multiple dataportals Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal test selenium
7288 task New New Separate Unit and integration tests completely, Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib test
7287 bug Closed New Unit tests using the DefaultTermInitializer break subsequent integration tests in the suite Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.0 cdmlib test
7138 bug New New unitils.dbunit data set loading does not work for CdmIntegrationTest Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib test
7082 feature request Closed New Implement integration test for the SpecimenTypeDesignationWorkingsetEditorPresenter Andreas Kohlbecker Release 4.13 cdm-vaadin test phycobank
5546 feature request New New image comparison for selenium screenshots and other images needed Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets devOps selenium test
5427 task New New implement automatic tests for all external links in the ext_links module Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.27 cdm-dataportal test external-links
4846 task In Progress New update the integration portals to use the zen_basetheme Andreas Kohlbecker Reviewed Next Major Release cdm-dataportal selenium test
4372 feature request Closed Priority13 Selenium PortalPage class also suitable for zen-basetheme Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdm-dataportal selenium test

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