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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10158 bug New New Remove "Description Element" from view labels Katja Luther Release 5.45 taxeditor fast documentation Actions
10073 task New New Remove all docbkx related code/files from cdmlib Andreas Müller Update Documentation documentation documentation Actions
10063 task New New Move online tutorials to single place Katja Luther Release 5.44 documentation editor_manual documentation Actions
9975 task Resolved New Create new UML diagramms for the CDM Andreas Müller Release 5.44 documentation documentation Actions
9008 task Closed Priority14 Add chapter "Taxonomic concepts and source citations in the EDIT Platform" to documentation "Manual-EDIT-Platform" Andreas Müller Update Documentation documentation documentation Actions
7862 task Closed New Improve documentation on TaxonGraphHibernateListener and related classes Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.18 cdmlib documentation Actions
6613 discussion Closed Highest Interesting examples for good documentation Andreas Müller Release 5.31 documentation documentation Actions
6421 task Closed New Document workaround for user.home location problem in Windows Patrick Plitzner Release 4.9 taxeditor documentation Actions
6158 task Closed Priority14 Update EDIT documentation from svn to git Patrick Plitzner Release 5.0 documentation documentation Actions
5132 bug Worksforme Priority14 Remove EDITor documentation from web Katja Luther Release 5.31 taxeditor documentation Actions
5055 feature request Closed Highest Integrate Luna installation instruction into standard installation instructions Patrick Plitzner Release 4.5 taxeditor documentation Actions
786 feature request New Priority14 Write Developers Guide for CDM Library Andreas Müller Update Documentation documentation documentation Actions

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