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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9648 task New New Remove duplicated extensions Andreas Müller Release 5.30 data cichorieae
9122 feature request New Priority14 update shapefile mappings of TDWG areas to the merged shapefile tdwg_levels_1-4 Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.30 data map cichorieae
8811 task New New Open issues for "Add distribution aggregation to set subtree menu" Katja Luther Release 5.30 taxeditor euro+med transmission-engine-distribution cichorieae
8734 task Closed Highest Update distributions from TDWG-L4 to TDWG-L3 where L4=L3 Andreas Müller data cichorieae
8677 feature request Closed Highest Add distribution aggregation to set subtree menu Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor transmission-engine-distribution euro+med cichorieae
8565 bug Closed Highest external links and dois no longer showing up Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.10 cdm-dataportal euro+med cichorieae external-links
8320 feature request Closed Highest Links to reference page as appendend icon instead of having the whole citation as link Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.8 cdm-dataportal phycobank cichorieae
7164 bug Closed Highest fsi viewer no longer works in chrome browser Andreas Kohlbecker Release 4.13 cdm-dataportal flora-of-cyprus cichorieae image-viewer
7107 bug New Highest "Omit level" (TDWG Level2) in distribution hierarchy should not supress distributions source reference Andreas Müller Release 5.30 cdmlib cichorieae euro+med
7087 bug Worksforme New description/accumulateDistributions webservice can not be triggered Andreas Kohlbecker cdmlib-remote security cichorieae transmission-engine-distribution
6629 bug Closed Highest TransmissionEngineDistribution misses aggregating Uzebkistan (UZB-OO) to higher rank levels Andreas Müller Release 5.12 cdmlib transmission-engine-distribution cichorieae euro+med
6379 bug Worksforme Highest specimens of lectotypes not shown in portal Andreas Kohlbecker cdm-dataportal cichorieae
2489 feature request Closed Priority13 strategy for congruent areas in distribution maps: create merged TDWG layer with all levels Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdm-dataportal map cichorieae

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