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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10423 bug New Highest Distribution Editor: Make it possible to remember name in source Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor distributionEditor caucasus Actions
10414 task Closed New Remove Georgian subdivisions from Euro+Med Andreas Müller data euro+med caucasus Actions
10413 bug New New In distribution editor it should be possible to add an additional distribution Katja Luther Release 5.44 taxeditor distributionEditor caucasus euro+med Actions
10411 bug Closed Highest Show subareas of area trees in area selection dialogue for distribution editor Katja Luther Release 5.41 taxeditor distributionEditor caucasus Actions
10396 discussion New New Handle "not endemic" in CDM Andreas Müller CDM UML 5.43 cdm caucasus Actions
10387 feature request Closed Highest Show transliteration of common name in dataportal Katja Luther Release 5.41 cdm-dataportal i18n caucasus Actions
10386 feature request Closed Highest Add transliteration to common names in taxeditor Katja Luther Release 5.40 taxeditor caucasus Actions
10385 feature request Closed Priority13 Add transliteration field to common names Andreas Müller Release 5.40 cdm caucasus Actions
10324 task Closed Priority13 Export Caucasus data Andreas Müller cdmadapter export caucasus euro+med Actions
10239 task Closed Priority14 Caucasus databases and portals available Andreas Müller platform caucasus euro+med Actions
10236 task Rejected Highest Import data from caucasus DB to E+M Andreas Müller data euro+med caucasus Actions
9197 feature request Rejected Highest Handle caucasus conspectus data in E+M and caucasus portal Andreas Müller cdmlib euro+med caucasus map Actions
9161 task Rejected Priority13 E+M shapefile with Kaukasus regions Andreas Müller data map euro+med caucasus Actions
7921 task Closed Highest Create database for Caucasus distribution editing Andreas Müller cdmadapter euro+med caucasus Actions
5807 feature request New Highest Implement sub-distribution area inclusion in TaxonService.findTaxaAndNamesByFullText() Andreas Müller Release 5.44 cdmlib-remote caucasus euro+med search Actions

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