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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
8760 bug New New No provider für Molecular Data Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal campanula
8451 feature request New New Link specimen to taxon via Drag and Drop Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor campanula
7686 bug Closed New Specimen title cache issues in data portal specimen table Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.3 cdm-dataportal campanula specimens-view-table
7685 feature request Closed Highest Add Selenium tests for specimen table in data portal Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.18 cdm-dataportal campanula selenium test pp_uebergabe
7562 task Closed New Specimen table "Associated with" taxon is irritating and needs to be removed, replaced Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.2 cdm-dataportal campanula phycobank
6870 feature request New New Further specimen table issues Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal salvador campanula specimen
6866 feature request New New Improve specimen page Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.18 cdm-dataportal salvador campanula specimen specimen-page
6865 feature request New New [DISCUSS] Separator for Code and Accession Number Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdmlib salvador campanula specimen
6841 task New Highest [DISCUSS] Correct use of MediaSpecimen and derivates Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor salvador campanula
6816 bug Closed New [Dataportal] Specimen table issues Patrick Plitzner Release 4.9 cdm-dataportal campanula salvador
6371 bug New New Data-Refresh problem when exporting consensus file Katja Luther Campanula LibrAlign Integration taxeditor librAlign campanula
6346 feature request New New Implement filtering and sorting for specimen table in dataportal Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal campanula
6345 bug New New Zooming with mouse wheel resets manually adjusted size of areas in AlignmentEditor Ben Stöver Campanula LibrAlign Integration taxeditor campanula librAlign
6344 feature request New Priority13 Restrict UI for editing molecular data Katja Luther Reviewed Next Major Release taxeditor librAlign campanula
4488 feature request Closed Highest Specimen data points in map should show FieldUnit information Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.15 cdm-dataportal map campanula
3249 task Duplicate New [DISCUSS] Free text search for specimen details Patrick Plitzner cdm-dataportal campanula search

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