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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10223 bug New Highest References for lectotypes should have short references, not full authorship Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal formatting type designation Actions
10131 bug New New Improve media specimen formatting for type designations Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdmlib formatting fast Actions
10102 bug Closed New Non-names formatted in italics Katja Luther Release 5.33 cdmadapter fast cdmlight formatting Actions
10089 bug Closed Priority14 Order TypeDesignationSetContainer by status type Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmlib formatting cdmlight Actions
9914 bug Closed Highest Series part in nomenclatural sources should have a space prefix if it starts with a letter Andreas Müller Release 5.29 cdmlib formatting Actions
9802 bug New New Label for min=max does not unify values in Matrix QuantitativeData label provider Katja Luther Release 5.37 taxeditor additivity matrix formatting Actions
9705 bug Closed Priority14 Nomenclatural references with no title and microreference are not correctly formatted Andreas Müller Release 5.25 cdmlib formatting Actions
9703 bug Resolved New Improve handling of type designations with no status in TypeDesignationSetManager Katja Luther Release 5.25 cdmlib formatting type designation Actions
9702 bug Closed Highest TypeDesignationSetManager repeats specimen string for specimens without field unit Andreas Müller Release 5.25 cdmlib formatting type designation Actions
9649 bug Closed New Specimens sometimes have empty titleCache instead of class<UUID> Andreas Müller Release 5.25 cdmlib formatting fast Actions
9646 bug Closed Highest CDM Light: Add name relationship to concatenated string for homotypic group Katja Luther Release 5.25 cdmadapter formatting cdmlight Actions
9638 bug Closed New remove trailing full stops from reference titleCaches Andreas Müller Release 5.24 cdmlib formatting Actions
9565 bug New Highest Revise name render templates selection strategy Katja Luther Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal formatting Actions
9529 bug Closed Highest Correct formatting for bibliographic in-reference separation Andreas Müller Release 5.22 cdmlib euro+med formatting Actions
9429 bug Closed Highest Taxon cache strategy handles sec details 2x in some cases Andreas Müller Release 5.20 cdmlib formatting Actions
9302 bug In Progress New Phycobank related issues for TypeDesignation formatting Andreas Müller Release 5.37 cdmlib formatting Actions
8881 bug Closed Highest Use pure last names (without initials) for in-references of taxon names Andreas Müller Release 5.13 cdmlib euro+med formatting Actions
7988 bug New Highest Correct formatting and parsing of Reference.editor Andreas Müller Release 5.37 cdmlib formatting parser Actions
7953 bug Feedback New Book in BookSeries: incomplete titleCache misses series title Andreas Müller Release 5.7 cdmlib phycobank formatting Actions
7879 bug New Highest Book CacheStrategy does not show 'place published', 'publisher', 'editor' Belen Escobari Release 5.36 cdmlib phycobank formatting Actions
7817 bug Duplicate Highest Team caches should not show '& al.' Andreas Müller cdm euro+med phycobank formatting Actions
7767 bug Closed Highest Incorrect handling of secundum detail reference in formatter Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.4 cdmlib caryophyllales formatting Actions
7672 bug New Priority14 use taxonRelationship formatter for label in referencing objects view Katja Luther Unassigned CDM tickets taxeditor formatting Actions
6960 bug Duplicate Highest Improve reference cachestrategy Andreas Müller cdmlib formatting Actions
6623 bug Closed New formatter for bibliografic citations with citationDetail Andreas Müller Release 5.18 cdmlib formatting Actions
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