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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
424 feature request New Priority13 Implement advanced search Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal search euro+med Actions
2055 task Rejected Highest Improve Article creation for nomenclatural references Katja Luther taxeditor euro+med Actions
2625 feature request Closed New [E+M Overview] Data aggregation functionalities for E+M (TransmissionEngine) Andreas Müller Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration transmission-engine-distribution Actions
2854 feature request Closed Priority11 Implement part of other title for part of articles and part of booksections Andreas Müller cdmlib RELEASE 3.3.0 cdm euro+med migration Actions
3472 feature request Closed Highest Update name in source data when changing an accepted taxon into a synonym Katja Luther Release 5.9 cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3533 feature request Closed New Prefill nomenclatural reference information if possible Katja Luther Release 5.31 taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3560 task Resolved Highest Withheld unpublished taxa from webservice used in E+M dataportal Andreas Müller Release 5.1 cdmlib-remote phycobank euro+med search security permission Actions
3585 feature request New Highest Implement "Heismann Tool" Katja Luther Euro+Med post migration cdmadapter euro+med migration Actions
3709 feature request Resolved Highest [E+M][Editor] sufficient rights management for E+M workflow Andreas Müller Release 5.37 taxeditor euro+med migration permission Actions
3740 feature request Closed Highest Allow recursively setting the publish bit for TaxonBase Andreas Müller Release 4.10 cdmlib euro+med Actions
3788 bug New Highest sort order of search results broken in free-text taxon search Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3790 bug Worksforme Highest After swapping accepted <> synonym the TaxonNavigator should be refreshed Katja Luther taxeditor review2014-07-12 euro+med migration Actions
3804 bug Resolved Highest E+M import Person titles contain Object.toSting() representations Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3816 feature request Closed Highest Create "Undefined" status and choose it for NULL status Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdm euro+med Actions
3904 feature request Closed New EuroMed: Implement filtering rules for distributions Andreas Müller Release 3.8 cdmlib-remote euro+med migration Actions
3907 feature request Closed New EuroMed: implement condensed "status" string of distribution information Andreas Kohlbecker Release 3.7 cdm-dataportal euro+med migration Actions
3982 feature request New Highest Update name in source data when moving a Description to another Taxon Katja Luther Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3983 feature request Duplicate Highest [DISCUSS] Easier reference selection - Euro+Med sourceID Katja Luther taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3984 feature request Closed Highest Easier reference selection - recently used references Katja Luther Release 5.1 taxeditor euro+med Actions
3989 feature request Resolved Highest [DISCUSS] Allow defining the vocabularies to be offered in the select dialogs Andreas Müller Release 5.4 taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
3990 feature request Closed Highest [DISCUSS] How to implement citation suggestion to each taxon Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med migration Actions
3992 bug Resolved Highest [CHECK] Use last scrutiny instead of sec reference Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration data euro+med migration Actions
4011 feature request Worksforme Highest disallow changing publish flag for users with unsuffcient rights Katja Luther taxeditor euro+med Actions
4014 feature request New Priority13 User friendly way to assign Authority Roles to users or to Groups Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
4101 feature request Closed Highest Default value for publish bit of new taxa must be configurable via DB preferences Katja Luther Release 5.1 cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
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