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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
2854 feature request Closed Priority11 Implement part of other title for part of articles and part of booksections Andreas Müller cdmlib RELEASE 3.3.0 cdm euro+med migration Actions
5206 bug Closed Highest Status symbols in condensed distribution string repeated for subareas Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdm-dataportal euro+med migration Actions
3907 feature request Closed New EuroMed: implement condensed "status" string of distribution information Andreas Kohlbecker Release 3.7 cdm-dataportal euro+med migration Actions
3990 feature request Closed Highest [DISCUSS] How to implement citation suggestion to each taxon Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmadapter euro+med migration Actions
3585 feature request New Highest Implement "Heismann Tool" Katja Luther Euro+Med post migration cdmadapter euro+med migration Actions
4366 feature request Duplicate Highest Transmissionengine Distribution: implement rules for source references Andreas Müller Release 4.2 cdmlib euro+med migration transmission-engine-distribution Actions
4305 feature request In Progress Priority10 newly created entities must stay editable even if a user only has the permission to create them Andreas Kohlbecker Reviewed Next Major Release cdmlib permission security euro+med migration phycobank Actions
4294 feature request In Progress Priority14 order of map legend entries conforms to term order Andreas Müller Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration map Actions
4134 bug Closed Highest Transmissionengine Distribution seems to miss distributions for higher Taxa Andreas Müller Release 5.12 cdmlib euro+med migration transmission-engine-distribution Actions
4133 feature request Duplicate New publish flag inheritance for new taxa [DISCUSS] Andreas Müller cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
4107 task New Highest Deleting taxa and stable IDs [DISCUSS] Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
4101 feature request Closed Highest Default value for publish bit of new taxa must be configurable via DB preferences Katja Luther Release 5.1 cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3804 bug Resolved Highest E+M import Person titles contain Object.toSting() representations Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3788 bug New Highest sort order of search results broken in free-text taxon search Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
3472 feature request Closed Highest Update name in source data when changing an accepted taxon into a synonym Katja Luther Release 5.9 cdmlib euro+med migration Actions
2625 feature request Closed New [E+M Overview] Data aggregation functionalities for E+M (TransmissionEngine) Andreas Müller Euro+Med Portal Release cdmlib euro+med migration transmission-engine-distribution Actions
3904 feature request Closed New EuroMed: Implement filtering rules for distributions Andreas Müller Release 3.8 cdmlib-remote euro+med migration Actions
4409 bug Closed Highest fallback areas are not adressable in the shape file Andreas Kohlbecker Release 3.8 data euro+med migration Actions
4303 task Closed New [MASTER] Fauna Europaea Taxonomic Experts in the CDM [DISCUSS] Andreas Kohlbecker FaunaEuropaea Migration data faunaEuropaea migration Actions
3992 bug Resolved Highest [CHECK] Use last scrutiny instead of sec reference Andreas Müller Euro+Med Migration data euro+med migration Actions
4307 bug Feedback Highest User with permission group 'Editor' cannot create new authorteam via wizzard Andreas Müller Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor permission security euro+med migration Actions
4155 feature request Closed Highest Implement handler (IHandler) to trigger recursive setting of the publish bit on a taxon subtree Katja Luther Release 4.11 taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
4136 bug Closed Priority12 authorship part of names not being refreshed in taxon navigator Katja Luther Release 5.0 taxeditor review2014-07-12 euro+med migration Actions
4129 feature request New Priority13 Allow filtering by OriginalSourceType Katja Luther Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
4014 feature request New Priority13 User friendly way to assign Authority Roles to users or to Groups Andreas Kohlbecker Euro+Med TaxEditor issues taxeditor euro+med migration Actions
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