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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
10236 task In Progress Highest Import data from caucasus DB to E+M Andreas Müller Release 5.36 data euro+med caucasus Actions
10232 task New New Import Finnish common names Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdmadapter import euro+med tettris Actions
10174 task In Progress Priority14 Export data to BfN Andreas Müller Release 5.36 data export euro+med pesi Actions
10086 feature request New Highest Taxonomic and geographic search for data portal Andreas Müller Release 5.37 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
10082 feature request Closed Priority14 Improve formatting for pro parte misapplications Andreas Müller Release 5.32 cdmlib formatting euro+med Actions
9966 bug In Progress Priority14 Search order in advanced search not correct Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9911 bug New Priority13 Expand area search to adjacent countries Andreas Müller Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal terms euro+med search Actions
9905 bug Closed Highest Parser is slow for names with authorteams Andreas Müller Release 5.30 cdmlib parser deduplication euro+med Actions
9902 feature request New Priority14 Add possibility to clear area filter in advanced search Andreas Kohlbecker Unassigned CDM tickets cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9893 bug Closed Highest Name in source not shown Katja Luther Release 5.29 taxeditor euro+med Actions
9796 bug Closed Highest LazyInitializationException (LIE) on portal/taxon/{uuid} with misapplied names Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.27 cdmlib-remote euro+med Actions
9794 bug Closed Highest external-links: World Flora Online link template improved Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.27 cdm-dataportal external-links euro+med Actions
9788 feature request New New Add full stop at the end of bibliographic reference citations in dataportal Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal formatting euro+med Actions
9583 bug Closed Highest Fix formatting of parent area in condensed distributions string if subareas have various status but at least 1 area has status native Andreas Müller Release 5.23 cdmlib euro+med Actions
9529 bug Closed Highest Correct formatting for bibliographic in-reference separation Andreas Müller Release 5.22 cdmlib euro+med formatting Actions
9528 task Worksforme Priority14 synonymy: missplied names sensu with short authorship string Andreas Müller cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9526 bug Closed Highest Sort order in E+M distribution string should be strictly alphabetic Andreas Müller Release 5.22 cdmlib euro+med Actions
9524 task New New Use non-model objects in database queries for getDistributionInfoFor Andreas Müller Release 5.37 cdmlib euro+med performance Actions
9521 feature request Closed Highest Fallback areas in textual representation should always stand alone Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdmlib euro+med Actions
9509 feature request Closed Priority14 IIIF manifest includes media source information Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.21 cdmlib-remote image-viewer euro+med Actions
9503 feature request New New Handle term tree of areas and distribution status for distributionInfo in dataportal Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.38 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9502 feature request New Highest Implement subarea preference rule and fallback areas for areas with complex hierarchy Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdmlib euro+med Actions
9501 task New New Find inconsistent higher area distribution status data in E+M Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration data euro+med Actions
9500 feature request In Progress Highest Allow removing certain distribution status from distribution publication Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdmlib euro+med Actions
9484 feature request Rejected New Distinguish default hidden/fallback area handling from empty list of hidden/fallback area markers Andreas Müller cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9426 bug Closed Highest Set publish flag for Synonyms in accordance with accepted taxon publish flag Katja Luther Release 5.20 taxeditor euro+med Actions
9367 bug New Highest E+M shapefile Baltikum subarea borders always visible Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.37 geotools - map service euro+med map Actions
9281 bug Closed Highest Set basionym not available for heterotypic synonyms after drag & drop Katja Luther Release 5.28 taxeditor euro+med Actions
9271 feature request New Highest Improve E+M dataportal performance Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal euro+med performance Actions
9233 task New Highest provide feedback mechanism for euro+med Katja Luther Release 5.38 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9197 feature request Discussed Highest Handle caucasus conspectus data in E+M and caucasus portal Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdmlib euro+med caucasus map Actions
9193 bug Closed Highest LazyInitializationException (LIE) in portal/taxon/{uuid} web service Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdmlib-remote euro+med Actions
9161 task New Priority13 E+M shapefile with Kaukasus regions Andreas Müller Release 5.38 data map euro+med Actions
9145 bug Closed Highest Add sources to E+M IPNI distribution data Andreas Müller data euro+med import Actions
9143 bug Closed Highest Distribution data sources are missing if multiple distributions exist Andreas Müller Release 5.20 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
8890 feature request Closed Highest Allow multiselection for open_in menu Katja Luther Release 5.13 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8881 bug Closed Highest Use pure last names (without initials) for in-references of taxon names Andreas Müller Release 5.13 cdmlib euro+med formatting Actions
8876 feature request Rejected Highest nom. & gen. cons. Andreas Müller cdm euro+med Actions
8871 task In Progress Priority14 Remaining issues to unify description aggregation methods Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdmlib euro+med additivity transmission-engine-distribution Actions
8865 task In Progress Highest more external-links to be implemented Eckhard von Raab-Straube Euro+Med Portal Release cdm-dataportal external-links euro+med Actions
8858 bug Closed Highest Ordering of distribution status 'undefined' is not correct in E+M Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdmlib euro+med Actions
8838 bug Rejected New misapplied names without authors are not found Andreas Müller cdmlib euro+med search Actions
8835 task New New DISCUSS if the UPDATE & DELETE permission stategy should become a general principle in the cdmlib Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.38 cdmlib permission euro+med Actions
8818 task New New Remaining issues for DB preferences Katja Luther Release 5.38 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8811 task New New Open issues for "Add distribution aggregation to set subtree menu" Katja Luther Release 5.38 taxeditor euro+med transmission-engine-distribution cichorieae Actions
8810 bug Closed Highest In taxeditor parts without permissions should be disabled Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8805 feature request Closed Highest In distribution editor synoms should be available as concatenated String Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8793 bug New New [E+M] In-Ref authors should have full (non-abbreviated) author title without initials Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration cdmlib euro+med Actions
8777 feature request Resolved Priority14 Make visiblity of CDM Source configurable Katja Luther Release 5.37 taxeditor euro+med additivity fast Actions
8767 bug Closed Highest Workflow support for publish flag Katja Luther Release 5.21 taxeditor euro+med Actions
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