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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Target version Category Tags
9426 bug Closed Highest Set publish flag for Synonyms in accordance with accepted taxon publish flag Katja Luther Release 5.20 taxeditor euro+med Actions
9367 bug New Highest E+M shapefile Baltikum subarea borders always visible Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.37 geotools - map service euro+med map Actions
9281 bug Closed Highest Set basionym not available for heterotypic synonyms after drag & drop Katja Luther Release 5.28 taxeditor euro+med Actions
9271 feature request New Highest Improve E+M dataportal performance Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdm-dataportal euro+med performance Actions
9233 task New Highest provide feedback mechanism for euro+med Katja Luther Release 5.38 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
9197 feature request Discussed Highest Handle caucasus conspectus data in E+M and caucasus portal Andreas Müller Release 5.36 cdmlib euro+med caucasus map Actions
9193 bug Closed Highest LazyInitializationException (LIE) in portal/taxon/{uuid} web service Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.17 cdmlib-remote euro+med Actions
9161 task New Priority13 E+M shapefile with Kaukasus regions Andreas Müller Release 5.38 data map euro+med Actions
9145 bug Closed Highest Add sources to E+M IPNI distribution data Andreas Müller data euro+med import Actions
9143 bug Closed Highest Distribution data sources are missing if multiple distributions exist Andreas Müller Release 5.20 cdm-dataportal euro+med Actions
8890 feature request Closed Highest Allow multiselection for open_in menu Katja Luther Release 5.13 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8881 bug Closed Highest Use pure last names (without initials) for in-references of taxon names Andreas Müller Release 5.13 cdmlib euro+med formatting Actions
8876 feature request Rejected Highest nom. & gen. cons. Andreas Müller cdm euro+med Actions
8871 task In Progress Priority14 Remaining issues to unify description aggregation methods Andreas Müller Release 5.38 cdmlib euro+med additivity transmission-engine-distribution Actions
8865 task In Progress Highest more external-links to be implemented Eckhard von Raab-Straube Euro+Med Portal Release cdm-dataportal external-links euro+med Actions
8858 bug Closed Highest Ordering of distribution status 'undefined' is not correct in E+M Andreas Müller Release 5.21 cdmlib euro+med Actions
8838 bug Rejected New misapplied names without authors are not found Andreas Müller cdmlib euro+med search Actions
8835 task New New DISCUSS if the UPDATE & DELETE permission stategy should become a general principle in the cdmlib Andreas Kohlbecker Release 5.38 cdmlib permission euro+med Actions
8818 task New New Remaining issues for DB preferences Katja Luther Release 5.38 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8811 task New New Open issues for "Add distribution aggregation to set subtree menu" Katja Luther Release 5.38 taxeditor euro+med transmission-engine-distribution cichorieae Actions
8810 bug Closed Highest In taxeditor parts without permissions should be disabled Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8805 feature request Closed Highest In distribution editor synoms should be available as concatenated String Katja Luther Release 5.12 taxeditor euro+med Actions
8793 bug New New [E+M] In-Ref authors should have full (non-abbreviated) author title without initials Andreas Müller Euro+Med post migration cdmlib euro+med Actions
8777 feature request Resolved Priority14 Make visiblity of CDM Source configurable Katja Luther Release 5.37 taxeditor euro+med additivity fast Actions
8767 bug Closed Highest Workflow support for publish flag Katja Luther Release 5.21 taxeditor euro+med Actions
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