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10169 bug Closed Exception when collapse and reopen language tree in preferences after deselect Actions
10166 bug Closed Textfield for protected titlecache trims blanks Actions
10165 bug Closed email and person data are not stored when creating a new account Actions
10163 bug Closed Fix label for "Orthography Conserved" and "Conserved Desig" Actions
10160 bug Closed Reactivate preference to open new window for every search Actions
10151 bug Closed Creating a field unit with a given taxon filter does not create a taxon-secimen relationship Actions
10144 bug Closed Cancel for Specimen-Search does not work Actions
10142 bug Closed ReferenceType drop down is not ordered Actions
10141 bug Closed Exception (CCE) caused by logging setLevel in phycobank Actions
10139 bug Closed Existing name cannot be safed to be available for typification under a different reference in PhycoBank Actions
10137 bug Closed Compressed table does not show derivates anymore Actions
10135 bug Closed Created_by and when is missing for User and Group Actions
10132 bug Closed Coding of special characters in Vaadin/PhycoBank (in docker instance only) Actions
10130 bug Closed Error Message in dataportal Actions
10128 bug Closed Creating new user throws NPE for invalid user names Actions
10118 bug Closed Availability of partial misapplied should be configurable Actions
10116 bug Closed Create a new name denied for users Actions
10114 bug Closed Problem with parser for author string with whitespace between initials Actions
10108 bug Closed Description for MediaSpecimen not shown even if it exists (i18n) Actions
10107 bug Closed i18n bug when editing media not having a default language title Actions
10102 bug Closed Non-names formatted in italics Actions
10098 feature request Closed Implement timePeriod for Credit in TaxEditor Actions
9088 bug Closed CCE (ClassCastException) when adding annotation to TextualTypeDesignation in Name-Bulkeditor Actions
7404 task Closed Add linux and mac to editor installation documentation 2:00 Actions
6228 bug Closed Fix behavior of multi-language editing Actions

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