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10079 bug In Progress Fix timezone problems after upgrading jadira.usertype, hibernate and/or mysql drivers Actions
10068 bug New Changing focus to accepted taxon does not work Actions
10063 task New Move online tutorials to single place Actions
10006 task New Check backups fully work after upgrades to debian 11 1:00 Actions
9975 task Discussed Create new UML diagramms for the CDM Actions
9906 feature request New Implement credits in dataportal Actions
9842 task In Progress Improve performance for loading DDS (RowWrapperDTO) Actions
9610 bug New MediaMetadataFileReader (formerly in CdmImageInfo) loads same image file multiple times Actions
9608 bug New UriUtils to use HTTP HEAD requests where possible Actions
9271 feature request New Improve E+M dataportal performance Actions
9268 task New Check cdm for GC G1 humongous objects problem Actions
8274 bug New Very large taxa (synonymies) can not be handled by the dataportal Actions
7203 bug New The area filter in TaxonNodeFilter seems to be slow Actions
7054 task In Progress clean up initialization strategy using '.representations' 1:00 Actions
7045 bug New portal/classification/{uuid}/childNodesOf/{uuid} service slow Actions
6460 feature request Resolved Refactor referencing objects in a way that supplemental data know what object they belong to Actions
6208 task New implement synonymy service responding with DTO Actions
6195 bug New suppress footnotes in search results page Actions
5850 feature request Resolved Further improve referencing objects label provider Actions
5418 task New optimize lucene index if possible Actions
5387 feature request New Completely avoid all cache strategies during read operations Actions
5016 feature request New Use asynchronous loading for images Actions
5015 feature request New Use treeindex for loading of aggregated images Actions
4978 task New Further performance improvement of portal/taxon/{uuid}/media 8:00 Actions
4962 bug Resolved improve portal/classification/{taxon_uuid}/childNodesAt/{rank_uuid} web service Actions
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