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bug #4362: Some File->New dialogs do not work
task #3560: Withheld unpublished taxa from webservice used in E+M dataportal
feature request #4363: Show more informative message for unsupported specimen structures in specimen bulk editor
bug #7092: Adapt dates in Nicks images after mediaCreated became TimePeriod
bug #7223: ReferenceEditor: disable fields depending on the Reference type
bug #7386: TaxonNamePopEditor:$ReadOnlyException on saving a basionym
feature request #7417: Make pro parte and partial synonym relationships always visible in data portals
bug #7478: Fix pro parte synonym search
Release 5.1 89%
Feedback 70%
Resolved 70%
Feedback 50%
Resolved 0%
Feedback 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 50%
Resolved 0%
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